Sully Woodlands Stewardship Education Center rendering.
Arlene Evans and Barry Dewberry are recognized as Signature Benefactors of the Moon Gate at Green Spring Gardens (pictured left).
The Estate of Judith Ann Bailey funded the Animal Attraction and Viewing Area at the future Stewardship Education Center (pictured right) at Ellanor C. Lawrence Park.

Special appreciation is extended to each of these donors, who contributed from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023, for enriching YOUR Fairfax County parks!

Leadership Society.

The following members of the FCPF Leadership Society are recognized for generous contributions of $10,000 and above:

The Estate of Judith Ann Bailey
Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation
Arlene Evans and Barry Dewberry
McLean Youth Soccer Association (MYS)

$25,000.00 - $99,999.99
The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia / The Environment Fund
Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation
Friends of Riverbend Park (FORB)
Jen and Chris Graham
McLean Community Foundation
The Ruth and Hal Launders Charitable Trust
Spirit Open Equestrian Program, Inc.
The Lazar Family
Aaron, Liane, Jonah and Nathan Weber in memory of Marjorie and Charney Weber
Nancy L. Wilson in memory of Bill Vesey

$15,000.00 - $24,999.99
66 Express Lanes Outside the Beltway
The Adler Foundation
CARS Charitable Adult Rides & Services
Sheila Delaney
Great Falls Grange Foundation
Hilton Corporation
RZ Foundation
SER/Microsoft | Society for Ecological Restoration
Transurban (495/95/395) Express Lanes
United Way of the National Capital Area (UW, CFC and CVC)
Wheat’s Lawn and Custom Landscaping
Workhouse Arts Foundation

$10,000.00 - $14,999.99
Commonwealth of Virginia Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund
Interstate Moving|Relocation|Logistics
George C. and Catherine C. Ledec
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Pulte Group
Lee and Patricia Shockey in memory of Heather Shockey Barrett

$5,000.00 - $9,999.99
Emily Anderson in memory of Eric and Simone Rigsbee
Capital One Hall
Uppasna Chand
Thomas and Elizabeth Chennikara
Ki and Son Cho
Hilltop Sand and Gravel Company, Inc.
Abhishek Humbad
Island Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics
Lerner Corporation
TD Bank, N.A.
Trinity Centre, LLC

$1,000.00 - $4,999.99
Adrian Allison
William Amatucci
Analemma Society
Dave Barnard
Teri Bennett
C. Bickings
Big Rocky Forest Neighbors
Sharon Carpenter
Dr. Cynthia Jacobs Carter and Karl W. Carter, Esq.
Chaney Enterprises
Elliott Choi
Anthony Consumano
Sandra Cummins Haid
Michele Davis in memory of Franz Roland
Steven Donlon in memory of Sylvia Donlon Bench
Ellanor C. Lawrence Park Friends, Inc.
Laura Eakin Erlacher
ExxonMobil Foundation
Fairfax Memorial Funeral Home and Fairfax Memorial Park
Fairfax Water
Friends of Fairfax County Archaeology and Cultural Resources (FOFA)
Friends of Frying Pan Farm Park
General Dynamics Mission Systems
George Washington Chapter in memory of Bill Worsham
Nell E. George in honor of Richard Budney
Harrison A. Glasgow
Steven Bershader and Marguerite Godbold
Golden Racquets Tennis and Pickleball Club
Samuel Gray
Great American Restaurants, Inc.
Great Falls Civic Association
Greater Oakton Community Association
William H. and Catherine G. Haight, III
Clifford Hall in memory of Murphy Hari
Jason Harvey
Faisal and Ream Hasan
Hello Garage of Northern Virginia
Anita Herrera
Mark S. and Brabble Hoffman
Paul Hong in memory of William Ryan Seale
William Won K. and Young W. Hwang
John and Christie Johnson
The Kelley Syron Sunshine Memorial Fund
Kris A. Keydel
Kings Park West Civic Association
Alice Lee
Youngjean Lee in memory of Leeyan Lee
Roberta A. Longworth in honor of Tia's 15th Birthday
Albert Lum
Shirley J. Lytle
Christina Majors
Matthew Korn and Cynthia Miller Family Foundation
Lubomar Mitropolitska
Lawrence A. Monaco
Andrew Painter
Frederick Paxton
Pediatric Associates of Alexandria
Jack and Pat Pitzer
The PNC Financial Services Group
Scott A. and Phyllis P. Crabtree Family
Pohanka Automotive Group
John J. Pohanka Family Foundation
Arturo and Marlene Politano
Lynna Poynter
Michelle Ross
Jeannine Shively in memory of Sean A. Shively
Barbara Smith in memory of Mike Burr
Nancy Staats
Sunbelt Rentals
Supporters of Mason District Park
Kevin and Sandy Ta
Dr. Dipak Talapatra
Lynn C. Thompson
Stephen C. and Adriane Thormahlen
Tysons Corner Center Macerich Management Company
USA Synthetic Rinks
Eric Vallone
Nancy Vehrs
Edgar Verchot in memory of Deborah Verchot
Edward L. Walker
Robin Walker
Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley & Walsh, P.C.
Westfields Business Owners Association (WBOA)
Sonja Wilder
Scott Wohlander
Young Won Trading, Inc.
Jean Schiro-Zavela and Vance S. Zavela
Lilly Zeng
Jeff and Johanna Zinn
Sidney Zven in memory of Leonid Zvenyatsky

$500.00 - $999.99
American Boy
Gary Anderson
Paul L. and Helen C. Baldino
Michael Ballanco
William Ballard
William & Tina Beletsky & Bogey
Jim Bodner and Victoria Greenfield
George R. and Pamela B. Botic
William and Regina Bouie
The Braun Family
Jed Bullock
Wes Callender
Trevea Capo
Susan Carbo
Lori Carbonneau
Cynthia and Mark Carter
Julius and Tiffani R. Chen
CRC Companies, LLC
Culpeper Farmer's Cooperative, Inc.
Jennifer Davis and Robert Johns
Timothy Dierks
William and Christine Flynn & Murphy
Virginia Fulton
The Tim and Susan Gibson Charitable Fund
Linwood Gorham
Warren and Catherine Gorrell
Steve W. Gotte
Ruth Hamilton
Hammerzone Sports
Monica Phillips in memory of Megan Hare
Elizabeth Hattingh
Kim Hiday
Tiffany Hitz
Linda K. Hogan
Doug and Lisa Hoskins
Christopher M. Hudson
Lisa Katzman
Sandy Kimble
Gary W. and Vicki A. Kirkbride
Richard D. & Ann Kisling, Jr. & Ryder
Emily Kohler
Susan Laume in memory of Tia
Christina League
James M. and Elaine McDonald
McLean Trees Foundation
The T.E.A. Center
Loretta Merrow
Christine Messina-Boyer
Nell Minow and David Apatoff
Susan Mostrom
Martin and Anne Muradaz
The Neel Foundation
Kerry Neubrander
Casey Nolan
Malathy Padmanabhan
Chong Jin Park
Thomas and Monica Phillips in memory of Megan Hare
Eric Raudenbush
Nancy Riess
Michelle Ross
Rhonda Scher
Peter L. and Kathryn M. Scudera
Eileen Scutt
Caroline Shaw & Dexter
Michael Shoults
Skin Lab Med Spa
Emmett Soper
Wesley Speer
Springfield Art Guild
Karen Tokarsky in memory of Joe Seman
Robert O. Tyler
Robin Walker
Kathryn L. Ward
Mario Weber
Brian Wendroff
Heidi Wilson-Flannery
Scott and Jennifer Wohlander

$250.00 - $499.99
Anonymous Donor
Howard R. and Arla Albers
Caroline Anderson
Larry and Joanne Anderson
Stephen and Kathleen Baker
Marcus Balog
V. Max and Felicia G. Beard
Donald L. Black in memory of Stephen Paul Black
Marc E. Bookbinder
Matthew Borgia
John A. and Dianne Boyle
Jane E. Brill
Robert Brown
Michael G. and Anne R. Burke Kirby
Meredith Carter
The Children's Therapy Center, P.C.
Lynn Cline
Nancy F. Collier
Seth and Diane H. Davidson
Sandra P. Davis
Dale Dean
Brian Demers
Alvin W. Doehring
Christopher Domone
Dr. Kaplan and Ms. Chen
John Drake
Lora Driscoll
Scott and Holly Dubbeling
Stephen Duncan
Jean and Ric Edelman in memory of Robin Rentsch
Charles and Joan Feerick
Bruce Feist
Christine Flynn
Scott and Mary Fry
Geo Design & Engineering, Inc.
Alex and Lorraine Gershman
Michael J. Gillotte, Jr.
Jane W. Gwinn
Timothy B. and Lesley J. Hackman
Dennis J. and Morgan Hanzlik
Robert and Carol K. Harvey
Dave and Christy Haug
Erin Healy Gallagher
Blaine Hegner
Joyce Herman
James Herron
Matthew Hezel
Doug Hobbs
Michelle Jafari
Scott Jones
Stephanie Keyser
Donald Kish
Marius Koen
Kosmo Nail Bar
Pam Krist
Ken S. Lawwill
Edwin J. and Barbara E. Leonard
Keith D. and Bari R. Levingston
Jerome R. Lindsay
Julie A. Lobdell
Shari Logan
Sandra Long
Virginia C. Mars
Gregory Martin
Hilary and John McLellan
G Millington-Oliver
Rick A. and Mary Lee Montfort, Jr.
Paul Morris
Andrew and Teresa Morrison
Keir Mussen
Brady and Jennifer O'Beirne
Craig A. Palmer
David Christian and Judy Pedersen
Laurie and Jed Perry
Barry Priest
Shelley Rentsch in memory of Robin Rentsch
Frank L. and Victoria Z. Rindone
Michael Robbins
Vince and Ann Rogers
Stacy Rooney
Jennifer Roy
Jonathan S. Ruskin
Nadia Sadee and Kevin Dietz
Robert and Alouf J. Scavotto
Wendy Sekel
David Singer
Nathan and Traci Sonnenberg
Gary Spoden
Kiel Stone
Philip Storch
Clare Stracke
Lynne J. Strobel
Don and Lisa Sweeney
Joseph Tang
Susan Thomas
Eric and Marian Vanderpoel, II
Paul Ware Dunn
Robert A. and VerDell R. Wiles
John M. and Patricia L. Wilson, Jr.
Jacqueline A. Woodle
Katherine Wouters
Jim and Marilynn L. Zook

$100.00 - $249.99
Anonymous Donors (3)
Anne Ahdoot
Sly Ahn
Abigail Allen
Jim E. Allen and Diane P. Taylor
Roberta Allen
James Alper
Edith Andersen
Eleanor Anderson in memory of Robin Rentsch
H. Anderson
Susan Anderson
Steven Andreadis
Della Anthonio
Deborah Armitage
Mike and Isabelle Arnold
Bob and Joan Ashdown
Natalie Auer
Coleen Austin
Gordon Austin
Amy Aycock
Hyeson and Michael Baier
Bailey's Crossroads Rotary Club Mustang Raffle
Rebecca Baillie
Debra M. Banks
George S. and Sarah D. Barber
Tiffany Bares
Laura Barlow in memory of Robin Rentsch
William W. Barns, Jr.
Rebecca Bartholomae
Cathy Beck
Evermay Bees
Crissy Bellandi
Michael Benavides
Pamela Binninger
Erin Birch
Steven Birk
Susan Blakely
Marilyn Blatnikoff
Paul and Leslee Bollea
Nat Bongiovanni
Marsha Bottegal
Laurie H. Boulden
Kelly Bransome
Anne Urban Brooks
Joe and Kathy Budzynski in honor of Bo White
Daniel Buford and Kelly Hornaday
Joan Burkgren in memory of Robin Rentsch
Jenny L. Burmester
Mary Bush
Arthur Bushkin
Walter and Patricia A. Butler
Tom Cafferty
Marta Calderon
Patrick and Jennifer Callahan
Camelot Garden Club
Shirley Camp
Jeff and Sandy Canfield
Canterbury Wood Civic Association
John R. and Patricia Carstater
Ann C. Carter
Donald Cartmell
Terrell N. Chandler
John and Hannah Chang
Chick-fil-A Chantilly Air and Space
Dennis R. and Nancy C. Chrisbaum
Leslie Christensen
Elizabeth Clay Myers
Carmen Clelland
William P. and Louise O. Cleveland
Douglas and Barbara Cobb in memory of Robin Rentsch
Marty and Maureen Cohen in memory of Sara Lott
Vincent J. Colatriano and Terri L. Evans
Chip and Barbara J. Comstock
Condas Family Charitable Fund
Russell Conklin
Toni Connell
Dave Cook in memory of Kevin Cook
Paul Cook
Robert and Judith Cosgriff
Jane Covington in memory of Robin Rentsch
CRC Consulting, Inc.
Amy Crumpton
Sylvia Culver
Joan Darrah
Peter David
Mary Dawley
Arnie Daxe
Gonzalo De Dios and Anne DeDios
Al De la Vega
Kathleen Deal
Marcus DeFazio
Edith Delacot
Dolores C. Derrington
Sally Dixon
Mark and Miriam Doehnert
Robert C. Doerpinghaus
Minja Doh
Christine Donahue
Joseph Doss
Thomas and Lois A. Doyle
William Doyle in honor of Patricia K. Doyle
Marilyn Drucker
Fred Ducca
Bill and Julie Duncan
David Duncan
Karen Duval
Aubrey Eaton
Robert and Elaine E. Ehrlich
Dace Embrekte-Ives
Joshua Eng
William and Linda Ethington
Richard T. and Valerie S. Eudy, II
Xiaoping Fan
Barbara Farron
Ellyn Ferguson
Jeffrey Field
Walter H. and Candace Fleischer
Catherine Fletcher
J.D. Fletcher
Lisa Fletcher
Maurice and Elfi Fliess
Marco A. Flores Santiago and Jia Ma
Leon Flythe
Mary Flythe
David and Marilyn F. Friedman
Winifred and Jackson Frost in memory of Robin Rentsch
Denis and Martha Galvin
Ramon and Nancy Garcia
Robert A. and Patricia D. Gehring
Laura Gerke
Frederick and Clark Gesswein
GFWC Western Fairfax County Woman's Club
Jonathan and Jennifer Gibson
Monica L. Godbey
Carl S. and Teri E. Godwin
Christopher Goldbecker in memory of Megan Hare
Michael and Debora Goldberg
Adrien Goorman
Rosanne Gorkowski
Ian Gottesman
Christopher Graham and Janeen Tobin
Regina Gramss
Patricia Grant
Maxine Gray in memory of Robin Rentsch
Great Falls Garden Club in memory of Robin Rentsch
Michael G. and Brenda L. Greene
Stephanie Gregory
Anthony and Lucy H. Griffin
Donielle Griffin
J Beth Gross
David Gruenbaum
Rohit Gupta
Marlene Guroff
Martin and Amy Gurri
Timothy Haight
Carrie and James Hammer
Colin M. and Rita A. Harding
Randall Harmeyer
Rich and Sue Harpe
Sarah Harrison
Susan Harrison
Laurence Hausman
Andrew and Susan L. Hayden
Preston Hayward in honor of Brennan & Jocelyn
Charles and Amy Hebert
Charles W. and Dorothy A. Heise
Humberto Henriques
Hal B. and Mary A. Henry
Linda Henry
Monica Herk
Jane Hilder
Marion R. Hiller in memory of Jack L. Hiller
Sue S. Hoffman
Rikki Holcomb
Edward Hollingsworth
Wendy Hoskins
Kimberly Huber
Byron and Christine Huffman in memory of Robin Rentsch
Sidney H. and Carol J. Hurlburt
Michael S. and Amy Hurley
Mark and Debbie Husband
Patricia Jack
Megan Jackson
Rebecca Jackson
Barbara E. Jeffries
Carl Jennison
Patricia Jernigan
Amy K. Johnson
Larry C. Johnson
Deborah Johnston
Stacy Jones
Sanjeev Joshipura
Hugh McIntosh and Laurie Juliana
Jennifer Kalletta
Tomoko and Manabu Kanesaka
Sivakumar Karuppiah
Ernest Katz, III
Melissa Kaylor
Brad Kidwell
Jeff and Amy Killian
Bryan and Karen Kinsey
John Kinzer
Kirby Family
Gerald and Rosemarie Kirwin
Miklos Kiss
David and Felisa N. Klubes
David Klubes
Treyce Knee
Nina Kogan and Richard Abelson
Michael and Debra Kolansky
Yani Kolesnikova
David and Sarah M. Kolo
Dave and Karen Koplow
Jeff and Christina Kramer
W. Sheridan and Carol Kramer
Marc Kreider
Analiese O. Kreutzer
Ellen Lambeth
Kevin L. Landes
Kurt Langenwalter
Sheamus Larkin
Sekina Lawal
Mary E. Lawrence
Brian Laws
Kacie Lee
Donald and Connie S. Lehman
Robert & Marilyn Lewin
Marcia Lim in memory of Robin Rentsch
Phyllis Liner
Robert A. and Janice C. Linett
Solve Ltd.
Brandon K. Lucado
Kristin S. Mackert
Bernard H. and Therese A. Martin
David G. and Barbara M. Martin
Greg Martin
Shelly Matte
Martha Maust
Eric and Jane McDonnell
Mary M. McGowan
Helen McGuire
Diehl and Karole McKalip
Tina McMillen
Margaret McNiff
Tim E. and Kathleen M. McQuade
Elizabeth Megginson
Diana Mertz
Harry Meyers
Susann Miguel
Robin C. Milburn
Keith Miller
Melissa Mirenzi
Marianne Misof
Judith A. Mitchell
Scott Mitchell
Hanifa Monawer
Dennis Knepper and Susan Montanari
Jason Morgan
David and Jillian M. Morganwalp
M. Morgenegg
David and Ruth Morine in memory of Robin Rentsch
Afton Mormann
Bradley S. Moskowitz and Diane J. Lowenthal
Elizabeth Myers
Robin and Jerry Nelson
Christa Newton in memory of Robin Rentsch
Joseph and Michele Ney
Tiep Nguyen
Phillip A. and Christine Niedzielski-Eichner
Amy Novak
Carol L. Oakes
Keely Ochs
Leonard Ogborn
Liam Ogrady
Chuck Oliver
Mike and Lois Olson
John P. and Kathleen Opitz
Marianne Padgett
Young Pahk
Michelle Parmentier
Joseph Paskoski
David and Trudi Pearce
Ann Peck
John Pellett
Brian W. and Victoria L. Pepper
John S. Perry
Judy F. Perry
Antony Philip
Karren Scott
Rosemary Phillips
Shelly Pilberg
Stephen J. Plant and Sarah A. Snyder
The Honorable Kenneth R. Plum and Jane M. Plum
John and Mary Pohlmann
Judith L. Poinsett
Paula Posas
Potbelly Sandwich Works
Sue and Jim Price
Mark J. and Susan H. Proctor
Ann P. Prosser
Julia Pugarelli
Ken and Judith Quincy
John R. Cooper Fine Art Photography
Henry and Jean A. Rackowski
Ed and Becky Raines
Thanigai Ranganathan
Anna Reed
Brian M. and Sue Reynolds
Dale Rhines
Darci Richard
Marie Richards
Edwin Richardson
Raj Richardson
Kathryn Richter
Susan and Stephen Ritchey
Edward H. Robichaud
Ria Robinson
Catherine Rodman
Heather Roelke
Ken W. and Janice Rose
Alexander Rosenberg
Anne Rosenblum in memory of Alex Piette Kohan
Jacques Rousseau
Martha Ruelle
William C. and Sheri Ruffle
Stephen B. Sanborn
Heather Sandiford in memory of Robin Rentsch
James F. and Evelyn Sandford
H. Arthur Sauer
Gregory Schafer
Amy Schick
Ronald J. and Jane B. Schmiedekamp
Sidney and Clarine Schmukler
Wayne and Kathy A. Schneider
Margaret Schramm and Chad Rinard
Debra Schultz
Steve Schweinhart
T. Michael and Hope Taylor Scott
Tracy Scriba
Karen Seeh
Aishah Shalkh
Stephen and Tamara Shepherd in honor of Karen Sheffield
Charles W. and Mary L. Shuman
SR Sidarth
Thomas Siedel
Ritika Sikri
Robert Simon and Nicole Fauteux
Noelle Sitthikul
Mark Skerry
Earl Smith
George A. Smith
James and Barbara Smith in memory of Robin Rentsch
R. Max and Jean Fisher Smith
Richard N. and Dorothy S. Smith
Nigel S. and Linda Q. Smyth
Elizabeth Sommers
Eugenia Sozzi
Sharon Sprowls
Kerry Stadulis
John F. Staudt and Jennifer Gorman
Daryl and Barbara Steenman
Leslie and Cynthia Steger
Fredric Stein
Carol Stephenson
Howard Stevens
Anthony Stirk
Ray & Barbara Stoetzer
Donald E. and Kathleen Stout
Scott and Louise Stracke
Deborah Stutz
Mary M. Sugar
Laura Swindells
Jean and Kosmo Tatalias
Timothy B. Taylor
Tea with Mrs. B - Manners and Tea in the City of Falls Church
Anna-Marie Termini with Samson Properties
Cris Ternisky
David L. and Billie Thomas
Mike and Jody Thomas
Robert Timm
Don and Annette Tison
The Toy Nest
Gretchen Trujillo
James Updike
Judie Vajda
Caroline Van Wagoner in memory of Robin Rentsch
Tracy Vanosdall
David J. and Monica M. Vickers
Joseph Vida in memory of Megan Hare
Michael R. and Claire L. Virga
Siva Vittala
Tanios Viviani
Paul Vogel
The Vogel-Hallman Trust, Ronald J. Vogel, Trustee & Barbara B. Hallman, Trustee
Roger C. and Jennifer L. Von Elm
Patricia Wahab
Jay and Cynthia Wallin
Susan Watkins in memory of Helen Kalka
Andrew Watson
Daniel and Elizabeth Webber
John and Caroline Wehling
Joan Wehner in memory of Robin Rentsch
William Weiand
Richard J. Weinberg, M.D.
Sandy Weininger
Kimberly J. Wells
Erin Whitaker
David M. and Elizabeth A. Whitcomb
Lucy M. Whitley
Stephen N. Wiley and Mary T. Donovan
Ed Morawetz and Barbara Willer
Martha L. Willey
Andrew and Katherine Wilson
Kirk and Helen Winkle
Tyra Wolfsberg
Andrew Wone
Frances Wood
Jessica Wu
Ellen Talbot Yashar
Amrit Yegnanarayan
Jeanie Yoon
Patricia Maggi
Darren Zanon
John C. and Elizabeth B. Zolper
Jake Zorro

$50.00 - $99.99
Anonymous Donors (3)
Hafsah Abdullah
William and Deborah Aceto
Katherine Adelfio
Samantha Ahdoot
Sherelle Albahari
Gregory Allen
R.C. and Gail T. Allen
David A. and Darla Anderson
Jesse Anderson
Jeanne K. Anthony
Joan S. Atherton
Jennifer Arteaga
Lisa G. Baltzer
Jasmine Bazemore
Bonnie Becker
Susan Beeman
Despina and Lawrence Belle-Isle
Paul S. Berger
John Bessette in memory of Carol Bessette
George and Laura Bogart
Kenneth J. Bombara
Janet Wainwright
Cynthia Borders and Dorothy P. Mullins
Lissa Ann Bosanko
Branka Bowman
Jerry Bradley
Richard and Felicia Braun
Martin and Anne Bredeck
Liz Brouckman
Etzel Brower, Jr.
Amy Brown in memory of Robert S. Brown
Carole B. Brown
Richard T. and A. Whitney Brown
Sharon Brown
Connie Bubon
Robert Buckley and Paula Jean Palmore
Laura A. Buckwald
Joan Bunning
Margaret Burks
C. & D. Burt in memory of Robin Rentsch
Daniel Busch
Susan Callahan
Lori Jo Carbonneau
Becky Carlson
Jan Carson
Linda Carter
Jadejuint Casey
Kara Castellanos
Alexandra Channon
Cathy and Ed Cissel
Christopher Clarke
Matthew Closter
George T. and Roselynne H. Cody
Kelly Cohen
Jai Cole
Douglas Colley in memory of Robin Rentsch
Erin Conaway
David and Megan Cornelius
William Corsetti
Jane Curtis
Ruth D'Alessandro
Janine Dade
Darrold A. and Carol A. Dandy
Gerald P. Dargis
Bill and Lesley V. Dawson
Pamela DeSmidt
Beverly Dickerson in memory of Robin Rentsch
Nicholas Difffenbaugh
David N. Do and Tram Le
Kurt C. Doehnert
Ann L. Donargo
Anna Donovan
Kristen Eddy
Richard Ehlke
Joyce Farling
Glenn B. and Harriett H. Fatzinger
John G. and Andrea P. Ferrari
James Ferro
Shaw Fici
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Kristin Fitzgerald
James and Sharon B. Fletcher
Erin Foley
Brendan and Christine Ford
Jessica Fraser
Kevin Gallo
Nathan Gardner-Andrews
Charles L. and Barbara D. Gholz
Nadja Golding
Tom Goldsworthy and Vivian L. Podgainy
Joseph Gorney
Gulay Gotz
Janeen Tobin
Mary Gray
Nicholas Grosz
Drew and Carol H. Gruenburg
Steve H. and Jacqueline Hafner
Jerry A. Hahne
Michael H. and Helen H. Haltzel
Andrea Hancock
Margaret Hardy
Lawrence and Barbara Zenker
Colin Hart
Chris Harvey
M. Janice Haymore
Preston Hayward in honor of Brennan and Jocelyn
Health & Wellness Geek, LLC in memory of Megan Hare
Stephen Henley
Ann Hennigan
Jeff Hermanoff
Sheldon and Nancy Hervey
George Hill
Carole A. Hisnay
Jillian Hogan
Stephen and Ester M. Hogye
Barbara J. Holloway
Tania Hossain-Almaraz
Richard and Mary Hubbard
Christine Hughes and Robert Cushing
Sally S. Hutchins
Paul Iacovino
Maria Inemer in memory of Timothy P. Inemer
Kurt Jaeger
Jennifer James
William V. Janis
Mel and Carla J. Jaranson
Karen Johnson
Ron Johnson
Shawn D. and Cynthia O. Jones
Dipa Joshi
Arthur J. and Anna M. Kearney
Sara Kek
Bozhana Kelley
Thomas A. Kelly
Katelynn Kem
Jon Lynn Kerchner
Gib Kerr
Chae Kol Kim
James Kirkpatrick
Robert Kirschman
H. Donald and Evelyn A. Knox
Gregory M. and Marie Kohlhaas
Elaine Kolish
Michael A. Kosecoff and Caren Janet Kamberg
Susan H. Kuhbach
Richard Kwatnoski
Clivia Lainez
Lisa Lanier
Christopher Laudenbach
Margaret Law
Sharon Lawrie
Debbie Leavens
Yoon Lee
Stacy Leff
Bret Leslie
Thomas and Ruthann Ligon
Peter Lipresti
Robert Long
Itzel Lopez Garcia
Veronica E. Lowe
Thomas E. and Barbara R. Lowrey
Craig Ludwig
Ray and Kathleen Lundquist
Donna A. Lynch
Ushakiran Madari
Peter Maercklein
Philip G. and Glenda G. Mangano
Richard Mann, Jr.
Angie Marin
Donna M. Martin
Katherine R. McAloon
Cynthia McCarthy
Miriam Mcgaffin
Mary M. McGinlay
Owen A. McMahon, Jr.
James McNaughton
Mercy Bee Salon Work 2.0
James Goslee
Norma G. Meyer
Helen Mielo
John S. and Barbara Y. Miller, III
Lynn Miller
Charles K. Minesinger
Nora Missell
Judy Mitros
Ken and Camille Mittelholtz
Elizabeth Morgan
Brenda Morris
Walter D. Morris
C. James Morrissey
Julianne Mueller
Heather Murdock
Terence and Lisa Murphy
Jeffrey Nagle
Jyoti Narayanan
Patricia M. Newton
Long Nguyen
Leslie Norko
Lacey Obry
Amy Omer
Yasser Ousman
Marc Alan Owens
Jane Pacelli
Donna Packard
Anne Peck
Yolanda Peralta
Florence Piccolo
Donna C. Pieper
Roger and Donetta Pierce in memory of Sue Rowell
Elizabeth Pike
Joseph A. Ponte
Julio C. and Liz Porcell
Russell Preble
Mark Proctor in memory of Emma
Niki Purkoski
Karen L. Qutub
Marion Rantis
Marilyn Reardon
Barbara E. Reed
Charmaine Reed
Craig R. Rice
Marie Ridder
Gary and Barbara Roberts
Lisa M. Romano
Dorothy Rossi
Hart Rossman
Stephen Rothandler
Mark Ruof
Abdulaziz Sachedina
Cliff and Libby Samuel
Anne Sansbury
Sonya Sasseville
Joanne L. Satyanarayan
Pat and Daljit S. Sawhney
Laura R. Schmid
Richard C. and Dabney Schmitt
Sean Schwichtenberg
Bill and Paige Scopa
Andrew Scrafford
Mary Severance
Raffie Shahrigian
Cynthia Shang
Claire Sheahan
Soon Shim
Myra Shipley
Ellen Showell
Jeremy Shulman
Singaravelu Sivanandan
Cheri Smith
David H. and Tylee S. Smith
Ying Smith
Zachary Smith
Charles Sneiderman
Ari Solow
Janos and Maria Somogyi
Richard Sonnenberg
Tony T. and Pam G. Spano
Virginia Sparber
Shawn and Kathleen Spear
Mike Frost
John Spiwak and Piper E. Ward
Donna Stauffer
Kenneth Stepka
Kathleen Stewart
Marilyn Stoney
Teresa Story
Charles S. Stow
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John H. Zacharia and Stella Y. Chang
Lawrence and Barbara Zenker in memory of Megan Hare
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