Adler Foundation Board of Directors. Sully Woodlands Stewardship Education Center rendering.
The Adler Foundation was recognized for generously funding the Adler Amphitheater at the Stewardship Education Center; Hunter Mill Melodies Summer Entertainment Series at Frying Pan Farm Park and Chessie’s Carousel horses in Franconia.

Special appreciation is extended to each of these donors, who contributed from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022, for enriching YOUR Fairfax County parks!

Leadership Society.

The following members of the FCPF Leadership Society are recognized for generous contributions of $10,000 and above:

The Adler Foundation

$25,000.00 - $99,999.99
Claude Moore Charitable Foundation
Friends of Frying Pan Farm Park
The Ruth and Hal Launders Charitable Trust
The Lazar Family Fund
Wayne, Angela and Valis Family
Nancy L. Wilson in memory of Suzy Wilson and Bill Vesey

$15,000.00 - $24,999.99
CARS Charitable Adult Rides & Services
Commonwealth of Virginia Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund
Friends of Riverbend Park (FORB)
United Way of the National Capital Area (UW, CFC and CVC)
Wheat’s Lawn and Custom Landscaping

$10,000.00 - $14,999.99
66 Express Lanes Outside the Beltway
Thomas and Elizabeth Chennikara
Chesapeake Bay Trust
Ki and Son Cho
Michael Davis
Mona Enquist-Johnston and Gary Johnston
Interstate Moving|Relocation|Logistics
Northrop Grumman Corporation
RZ Foundation
Victor E. Schwartz in memory of Susan Akroyd
TD Bank, N.A.
Transurban (395/495/95) Express Lanes

$5,000.00 - $9,999.99
The Beebe Family
Erickson Senior Living
Fairfax Memorial Funeral Home and Fairfax Memorial Park
Virginia Fulton
Hilltop Sand and Gravel Company, Inc.
Kings Park West Civic Association
Moms Club of McLean
Peterson Companies
Leonard and Patricia Pick
Gail Ruf
Trinity Centre, LLC
Virginia Commission for the Arts

$1,000.00 - $4,999.99
Anonymous (2)
Falayi Adu
Mary Beth Adyniec in memory of Ralph J. Wall
Heidi Allen
Allen Andreas in memory of Kent Dodd
Meron Bahta in memory of Bahta Tirfe Medhin
Dave Barnard
Amit Bhatnagar in memory of Riya Bhatnagar
Ulrich Emil Boesch
Borys Burnayev and Vira Burnayeva
Centreville Garden Club in honor of Dolores Rooney
Nedda and Igou Allbray
Carolyn Cooley
Compassionate Friends Fairfax Chapter
Scott A. and Phillis P. Crabtree Family Foundation, Inc.
Sandra Cummins Haid
Robert and Tamie Dewitt
Dawn Duvall in memory of Roy Duvall
Jean and Ric Edelman
Wegmans Chantilly
Ellanor C. Lawrence Park Friends, Inc.
Karen Emami
Laura Eakin Erlacher
Arlene Evans
ExxonMobil Foundation
Fairfax Water
Mariam Florentine
Friends of Lake Accotink Park (FLAP) in memory of Martha and Richard Sargent
Keith and Carolann Fulk in memory of Darryl Kehrer
Nancy Gehron
Jennifer Grinnell
Raymond and Martha Griswold in memory of Darryl Kehrer
Rich and Sue Harpe
Faisal Hasan
Anita Herrera
Deborah L. Hunsberger
Ellen Ing
Suk Cha Ivener
Guru Mente
John J. Pohanka Family Foundation
Chris and Kelly Johnson in memory of Anne Tavaglione
John and Christie Johnson
Kelley Syron Sunshine Memorial Fund
Kingstowne Towne Center
Gary W. and Vicki A. Kirkbride
Christian Lansing
Robert M. and Miriam W. Laughlin
George C. and Catherine C. Ledec
Ji Woon Lee in memory of Hae Sun Lee
Chris and Mary Kay Lipsey
Zhengxu Liu
Matthew and Shannon Lloyd in memory of Jim Lloyd
Susan and Elizabeth Lydick in memory of Robert Lydick
Laurel Marley
Cynthia Miller
Dennis Mok
Charles M. Murphy and Shelby Pearl
Debbie Nuttall in honor of the Nuttall Family
Bob Oliver
Oscar Ona in memory of Ivonne Ona
John E. and Cindy Osborn
Andrew Painter
Chris and Kelly Panagopoulos in memory of Anne Tavaglione
Dhruv Patel
Jack and Pat Pitzer
The PNC Financial Services Group
Arturo and Marlene Politano
Santosh Shah in memory of Swati Shah
Chitra Sharma in memory of Sundar Sharma
Thomas Sharp
Guri Singh and Suzan C. Syron-Singh in memory of Kelly Syron
John Smith, III
Nancy Staats
Dr. Dipak Talapatra in memory of Jalada Sundari and Upendra Talapatra
International Association of Chiefs of Police in memory of Mara Johnston
John Thompson
Michael Thompson
Nan Tian in memory of Song Han
Turner Farm Events, Inc.
Tysons Corner Center Macerich Management Company
Edward L. Walker
Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley & Walsh, PC
West Springfield Car Care, Inc.
Westfields Business Owners Association (WBOA)
Mike Wood in memory of Diana Wood
Hsiang-Yi Yu in memory of Barry Felder
Vance S. Zavela and Jean Schiro-Zavela
Jeff and Johanna Zinn

$500.00 - $999.99
Anonymous (2)
Paul L. and Helen C. Baldino
John and Sybil Barkett in memory of Sharon Cruden
Thomas Blackburn and Brenda J. Frank
Jim Bodner and Victoria Greenfield
Carol Booth
David Bray
Wes Callender
Tiffani R. Chen
Nathan Curtis
Jenna Dashiell
JL Davis
Timothy and Marie Dierks
Deborah Donaldson in memory of Prudence Kelln
Susan Ellis in honor of Dolores Rooney
Michelle Evans
Sean Flannery
Patrick Frakes
General Dynamics Information Technology
The Tim and Susan Gibson Charitable Fund
Golden Racquets Tennis and Pickleball Club
Linwood Gorham
Steve W. Gotte
Erin Healy Gallagher
Hampton Hite
Lisa Hoskins
Christopher M. Hudson
William and Young Hwang in honor of Sharon Bulova
Pat Kablach Casano
Ravi Kamath
Rebecca Kruse
Susan Laume and Tia
Elliott Laws in memory of Sharon Cruden
Jenny Lee
Larry Leviton
Christopher Long
Joseph Luquire
James M. and Elaine McDonald
Lawrence A. Monaco
Mouthpiece Express
Kerry Neubrander
David Nolan
Northern Virginia Conservation Trust
Danielle Nowlin
Mary Petersen
David and Aleesa Rizzi
Rosa Romero
RSM – Herndon
Katherine Darke Schmitt
Steve Schweinhart
Peter L. and Kathryn M. Scudera
Michael Shoults
Jennifer Stiefvater
Rebecca Stone
Kevin and Sandy Ta
Chris and Elizabeth Taggart
Miriam Tawdrous
Lynn C. Thompson
Arthur Turner
Jennifer Tylander
Nancy Vehrs
William Walderman
Robin Walker Designs
Kathryn L. Ward
Robert Wayment
Mario Weber
Sonja Wilder
Elizabeth Williams
Scott Wohlander
Ellen Talbot Yashar in memory of John Yashar
Matthew Zimmerman

$250.00 - $499.99
Roberta Allen and children in memory of Ginny Bosveld and Richard P. Allen
The Alves Family Foundation
Elizabeth Averill and Ben Grimes
Amy Aycock
Rebecca Baillie
Marcus Balog
Rebecca Bartholomae
Kenneth Berlin in memory of Sharon Cruden
Marc and Jacqueline Bookbinder
Matthew Borgia
George R. and Pamela B. Botic
William and Regina Bouie
Laurie H. Boulden
Barbara Brehm
John and Dee Dee Brinkema
Bob Brown and Carol Dinkins in memory of Sharon Cruden
James and Carol Lynn Bruen in memory of Sharon Cruden
Susan Carbo
Clive C. and Cris Carpi
Dr. Cynthia Jacobs Carter and Karl W. Carter, Esq.
Meredith Carter
Laura Church
Lynn Cline
Sarah Collett
Nancy F. Collier
Donald Cooney
David and Megan Cornelius
Kiran Dalvi
Sandra P. Davis
Kathleen Deal
Brian Demers
Brian Donovan
Lora Driscoll
Kimberly Ehrman
Laura Eakin Erlacher in memory of Anne D. Eakin
Jean M. Esswein
Bruce Feist
The Ferris Family Foundation
Will Farris
Thomas W. Fina
Arlan Finfrock
Peter Finkel
Scott and Mary Fry
Michael and Damara Gailliot
Gregory Gates
General Dynamics Mission Systems
Alex and Lorraine Gershman
Michael J. Gillotte, Jr.
Patricia Giraldi
Ian Gottesman
Jane W. Gwinn
Timothy B. and Lesley J. Hackman
Dennis J. and Morgan Hanzlik
Daniel Harris
Kenichi and Yumiko Hattori
Blaine Hegner
Robert and Lisa Hines in memory of Sharon Cruden
Doug Hobbs
Mark S. and Brabble Hoffman
Dorothy M. Hutchins in memory of Don Koten
Adaora Ifebigh
Jonathan Isner
Luke and Jackie Jensen in memory of Prudence Kelln
Scott Jones
Anne Marie Kelly
Jacques D. and Sandra W. Kerrest
Soon Ja Kim
Donald Kish
Marius Koen
Elaine Kolish
Mary E. Lawrence
Ken S. Lawwill
Bob Lindley
Lori Jo Carbonneau
Julie A. Lobdell
Sandra Long
Roberta A. Longworth
Gene Lucero and Marcia Williams in memory of Sharon Cruden
Robin Mann in memory of Prudence Kelln
Virginia Cretella Mars
Matthews, Carter and Boyce, P.C.
Stephen McCormick
Eric and Jane McDonnell
Hilary and John Mclellan
Tim and Kathy Merry in memory of Prudence Kelln
G Millington-Oliver
Judith A. Mitchell
Jason Morgan
Eric and Brooke Nielsen
Susan Norwood in memory of Olander Banks, Sr and Margaret Lomax Banks
Brady and Jennifer O'Beirne
Seamus O'Connor
Laurie and Jed Perry
Elizabeth Poehler
Leta Principe
Stephen Ramsey and Ann Jones in memory of Sharon Cruden
Berenice Renteria
Frank L. and Victoria Z. Rindone
Michael Robbins
Jennifer Roy
William C. and Sheri Ruffle
Jonathan S. Ruskin
Susan Scanlon
Robert and Alouf J. Scavotto
T. Michael Scott in memory of Neil Morrison
Ranodhi Serrao
Drew and Karen Sheehan
Richard and Celia C. Shepard
David Singer
Steven Solow
Jeremy Stern
Lynne J. Strobel
Mary M. Sugar
Joseph Tang
Mary Ternes in memory of Sharon Cruden
Robert Timm
Edelle and William Tracy
Joan Tury
Visit Fairfax
Philip Warburg in memory of Sharon Cruden
Steven Weiskircher
John M. and Patricia L. Wilson, Jr.
Frances Wood
Michael Wood in memory of Diana Wood
Jacqueline A. Woodle
Jim and Marilynn L. Zook

$100.00 - $249.99
Anonymous (4)
Mohamad Abi-Kassem
Stephen Albert
Maqbool Aliani
James Alper
Candace Anderson
H. Anderson
Larry and Joanne Anderson
Laura Anderson
Steven Andreadis
Jane Andrews
Terrill Andrews
Dela Anthonio
Robert and Deborah Armitage
Mike and Isabelle Arnold
Natalie Auer
Hyeson and Michael Baier
Steve and Heather Baker
Peter Balint
D. Michael Ballard
Debra M. Banks
George S. and Sarah D. Barber
Michael Barrett, Jr.
Harry J. Bartosik
Stephen G. Baxter
Lisa Bechini
Cathy Beck
Kathy Beckett in memory of Sharon Cruden
Evermay Bees
Robert Begotka and Ignacia Moreno in memory of Sharon Cruden
Stephen Bellamah
Ava Belmont
Linda Benfield in memory of Sharon Cruden
Robert and Ruth Benker
Helena Berger
Tina Berger
Lynn Bergeson in memory of Sharon Cruden
Clement Bezold and Rosemarie I. Philips
Donald L. Black in memory of Stephen Paul Black
Donald L. Black and Lucy Anne Black in memory of Stephen Paul Black
Ellen Black in honor of Dolores Rooney
Marilyn F. Blake and Kerry Daly in memory of Lt. Col. Gary Smith
Marilyn Blatnikoff
Paul Bollea
Nat Bongiovanni
Marsha Bottegal
John A. and Dianne Boyle
Mark D. Brabrook
Richard and Felicia Braun
Nathan and Rebekah J. Brierly
Jane E. Brill
William and Lynn Brownell in memory of Sharon Cruden
Douglas Browning in memory of Sharon Cruden
David Bruente and Frances Dubrowski in memory of Sharon Cruden
John and Sherri Brusca
EC Buckminster
Laura A. Buckwald
Lou and Jean Buffardi in memory of Robert (Bob) Lydick
Daniel Buford and Kelly Hornaday
Michael G. and Anne R. Burke Kirby
Daniel Busch
Patricia A. Butler
Michael and Talia Brooks in memory of Prudence Kelln
Tom Cafferty
Jaime Cagigas
Chris Callaway
Shirley Camp
John Campbell
Jeff and Sandy Canfield
Canterbury Wood Civic Association
Azucena Carlin in memory of Carlos Rodriguez
Ann Carlson in memory of Sharon Cruden
Scott M. and Diana L. Carlson
Leslie Carothers in memory of Sharon Cruden
Mark D. Carpenter and Nicole S. Duritz
Helga Carter
William and Judith Carter
Donald Cartmell
Larry Cartwright
John Casey
Lynn Chadwick
Angela Chen
David Choi
Matthew and Eunice Ciskowski
William P. and Louise O. Cleveland
Marty and Maureen Cohen
Vincent J. Colatriano and Terri L. Evans
Douglas Colley
Condas Family Charitable Fund
Russell Conklin
Anne Cook
Paul Cook
Cooper Family Foundation
Robert and Judith Cosgriff
David G. Cotts
Barbara Covington
Robert E. and Lola Coyle
Amy Crumpton and Steve Weiss
Diana Cull
Ann Marie Cunningham
Jane Curtis
Leanne Cusumano Roque
Eric Cuthbertson
Ruth D'Alessandro
Sharon Daley
Peter David
Diane Davidson
Christopher Davis in memory of Sharon Cruden
Daxe Family in memory of Lorraine Daxe
Gonzalo De Dios and Anne DeDios
Dale Dean
Marcus DeFazio
Edith Delacot
Elvira Delagarza in memory of Mara Johnston
Dolores C. Derrington
Robert E. and Alice Deso
Courtney Do
W. Keith Dockery
Kurt C. Doehnert
Sarah E. Donnelly
Joel Doolin
Mr. and Mrs. Tomas Doyle
William Doyle
Barbara Drew
Keith A. and Hillary A. Driscoll
Bill and Julie Duncan
David Duncan
Alexandra Dunn in memory of Sharon Cruden
The Wu Family in memory of Steven Wu
Kathryn L. Earnest
Aubrey Eaton
Richard and Donna Edinger
Amy Edwards and John Adragna in memory of Sharon Cruden
Ellanor C. Lawrence Park Friends in honor of Dolores Rooney
Daniel and Cynthia Ellert
Wolfgang Elser
John G. Eltzroth
Lauren Erera
William and Linda Ethington
Richard and Valerie Eudy
Barbara Farron
Laura Farron
William S. Fennell, Sr.
Charles and Linda Ferguson in memory of Shelley Pennington
Andrea Field in memory of Sharon Cruden
Jeffrey Field
Jeri Fields in memory of Robert (Bob) Lydick
Margaret Fisher
Walter Fisherow and Andrea Harnett in memory of Sharon Cruden
David Flannery in memory of Sharon Cruden
J.D. Fletcher
Maurice and Elfi Fliess
Sue Flory
James and Mary Flounlacker
Mary Flythe
JB Foster in memory of Adele Lebowitz
Karen Denise Fricke
Robert Gaines
Denis and Martha Galvin
Ramon and Nancy Garcia
Allan and Karen Gates in memory of Sharon Cruden
Scott A. and Laura A. Gerke
Frederick and Clark Gesswein
GFWC Western Fairfax County Woman's Club
Jonathan and Jennifer Gibson
Monica L. Godbey
Carl S. and Teri E. Godwin
Ann and Bill Golden
Lotte W. Goldman
Adrien Goorman
Vellore S. and Lakshmi Gopinath
Charles and Julia Gordon
Vincent and Ann V. Gordon
Mary Gray in memory of Roger Wagner
Steve Greanias
Michael G. and Brenda L. Greene
John B. and Margaret H. Greenwood
Stephanie Gregory
Pauline Grenbeaux and Gerald Rogan
Anthony and Lucy H. Griffin
Donielle Griffin
Paul and Kathleen Gross
Penelope A. Gross in memory of Gertrude Robichaux
David Gruenbaum
Drew and Carol H. Gruenburg
Andrew Guccione
Sharad Gupta
Martin and Amy Gurri
Haley Jensen in memory of Prudence Kelln
Bradley Jensen in memory of Prudence Kelln
Collin Jensen in memory of Prudence Kelln
William H. and Catherine G. Haight, III
Ridgway and Anne Hall in memory of Sharon Cruden
Lisa Halsted in memory of Mara Johnston
Mary Margaret Hammond
Beth Hampton
Christopher Hannas
Colin M. and Rita A. Harding
Randall Harmeyer
Traci D. Hartsell
Kevin P. Haslag and Elaine K. Snow
Charles Havasy
Allen and Suzanne Hawkins in memory of Marlo Acock
Andrew and Susan L. Hayden
Lisa Hayes
Krista Heim
Charles W. and Dorothy A. Heise
Hal B. and Mary A. Henry
Steve and Linda Henry
Monica Herk
Ben Hester in memory of Robert (Bob) Lydick
Laura L. Hibdon
Carole A. Hisnay
Michael and Kathryn Hockley in memory of Sharon Cruden
Sue S. Hoffman
Rikki Holcomb
Robert E. Holley
John Hollinger
Nancy Homan in memory of Prudence Kelln
Katy Hopper
Byron and Christine Huffman in memory of Robin Rentsch
Mark and Debbie Husband
Paul J. and Lindsey R. Iacovino
Patricia Jack
Patricia Jernigan
Amy K. Johnson
David T. Johnson and Scarlette M. Swan in honor of Dolores Rooney
Larry C. Johnson
Deborah Johnston
Joey Jones
Neal B. Jones, D.D.S.
Wayne and Joy Jordan
Vandana Joshi
James Joslin
Peter R. and Elizabeth L. Jouannet
David K. Gahn in memory of Prudence Kelln
Humeyra and Arda Kasaci
Ernest Katz, III
Melissa Kaylor
George Kelley
Gib Kerr
Steven Key
Kris A. Keydel
Elisabeth Kimball
Liam Kimbell
Rita Kincaid
L. Kirchoffer
Gary Kirkbride
Laurence and Celia Kirsch in memory of Sharon Cruden
Gerald and Rosemarie Kirwin
Miklos Kiss
David and Felisa N. Klubes
Treyce Knee
Royce Kneece
Gregory M. and Marie Kohlhaas
Michael and Debra Kolansky
David and Sarah M. Kolo
Dave and Karen Koplow
Sujatha Korappath
R.C. Korff
Robert E. Kovacs and Mary Ellen Dawley
George Kralovec
W. Sheridan and Carol Kramer
Marc Kreider
Daniel and Lisa Kubiske
Peter and Patricia Kuch in memory of Megan Bonnell
Brianne Kurdock
Richard Kwatnoski
Cynthia Lambert
Ellen Lambeth
Kurt Langenwalter
Ronald Larsen
Nina Latterell
Nicholas Leach
John Ledgerwood
Donald and Connie S. Lehman
Karin Lehnigk
Vassilios Lekkas
Ruby Len
Brian and Laurie G. Lindberg
Phyllis Liner
Janice and Bob Linett
Jessamyn and Paul Lloyd
Robert Loach
Shari Logan
Robert Long
James and Carrie Loynd
Annah B. Lubag
Brandon K. Lucado
Hal and Mary W. Lucius
Mary Lucius
Agnes C. Macias
Charles and Lisa Madden
Gerald C. and Diana M. Margonie
Mary T. Marshall
Bernard H. and Therese A. Martin
Barbara Martin
Donna M. Martin
Elaine Martin
Elke Martin
Greg Martin
Robert Martineau and Pamela Eddy in memory of Sharon Cruden
Mason Mattox
Diana Maykowskyj
Susan McCormick Ewoldt
Laura McEnery
Helen McGuire
Rex McHail in honor of Steve McHail
Diehl and Karole McKalip
Ms. Gail McKirdy
Margaret McNiff
Tim E. and Kathleen M. McQuade
The McTigue Family Trust in honor of Dolores Rooney
Elizabeth Megginson
Christine Messina-Boyer
Steven Miano and Rosanne Mistretta in memory of Sharon Cruden
Robin C. Milburn
Keith Miller
Charles K. Minesinger
Scott Mitchell
Judith Mitnick
Kristin Moag
David and Jillian M. Morganwalp
Bradley S. Moskowitz and Diane J. Lowenthal
John Mullin
Martin and Anne Muradaz
Lynn Murgia in memory of Mara Johnston
Elizabeth Myers
Eusdaquian Ndong
Kyle Neumann
Camilla Ng
Trang Nguyen
Phillip A. and Christine Niedzielski-Eichner
Kristine Niehaus in memory of Prudence Kelln
Timothy O'Hearn and Carla Roeper
Sean O'Neill
John P. and Kathleen Opitz
Marianne Padgett
Lisa Page
Claire Pagliara-Miller
John and Tracy Paquin
Chong Jin Park
David and Trudi Pearce
John M. Pellett and Sally S. Marfing
Karen Perry
James Perry
Jenifer Perry
John S. Perry
Kim Phan
Karren Scott
Shelly Pilberg
Stephen J. Plant and Sarah A. Snyder
Kenneth R. and Jane M. Plum
Richard and Sylwia Polka
Carla Porter
Ann Powers in memory of Sharon Cruden
John R. Powers
Sue and Jim Price
Mark J. Proctor
Brinky Qiu
Henry and Jean A. Rackowski
Ed and Becky Raines
Gautam Ramakrishna
Fred Redeker
Dale Rhines
Craig R. Rice
Darci Richard
Marie Richards
Kathryn Richter
Robert Donahue and Marcia Cram
Gary and Barbara Roberts
Edward H. Robichaud
Tim Roche
Michael and Joanne Rodgers
Richard B. Roesel and Dana K. Greene
Vince and Ann Rogers
Vanessa Roselle
Dan Rosenblatt in memory of Mara Johnston
MaryEllen Rotondo
Jacques Rousseau
Annemarie Roussy
Andrew and Samantha Rullan in memory of Prudence Kelln
Thomas and Irma Russell in memory of Sharon Cruden
Catherine Sajdak Waltham
Stephen B. Sanborn
Thomas M. Sanderson
James F. and Evelyn Sandford
Jayshree Sarma
H. Arthur Sauer
David and Janice Scharre
Genevieve A. Schechter
Lois Schiffer in memory of Sharon Cruden
Richard C. and Dabney Schmitt
Edward and Adrienne Schmitz
Nancy Schult in memory of Prudence Kelln
Debra Schultz
Karl Schwarz
T. Michael and Hope Taylor Scott
Barbara Seaman
Karen Seeh
William and Patricia Seiler
Partha Sengupta
Lauren Shaw
Stephen G. and Tamara A. Shepherd
Antoinette C. Shetler
Kathleen A. Shultz
Charles W. and Mary L. Shuman
SR Sidarth
Rita Siebenaler
Robert Simon and Nicole Fauteux
Alice Slayton Clark
Joan Slottow
Thomas and Catherine Sly in honor of Dolores Rooney
Earl R. Smith
George A. Smith
Janet Smith
Richard N. and Dorothy S. Smith
Nigel S. and Linda Q. Smyth
Gary Spoden
Sharon Sprowls
G.B. Stansberry
John F. Staudt and Jennifer Gorman
Scott and Julie Steadley in memory of Prudence Kelln
Daryl and Barbara Steenman
Leslie and Cynthia Steger
Howard Stevens
Ray & Barbara Stoetzer
Charles S. Stow
Scott and Louise Stracke
Edward Strohbehn in memory of Sharon Cruden
Jonathan Sturges
Deborah Stutz
Leantha and Richard L. Sumpter
Patricia Sykes
Jean and Kosmo Tatalias
Timothy B. Taylor
Jeffrey Thaler in memory of Sharon Cruden
Margaret Thaxton in honor of Bryan Campbell, Bobbi and Eric
Mark Tilmes
Karen Tokarsky
Frieda Toner in memory of Prudence Kelln
Deborah Tran
Nancy M. Tresp
Yvonne Tsikata
Raymond and Sandra Tuberson
Sonja Tussing
United Way of Central Maryland
Judie Vajda in memory of Frank S. Vajda
Eric Vallone
David Van Slyke in memory of Sharon Cruden
Deborah Van Trees
Christina Van Winkle
Mary Vander Maten
Eric Vanderpoel, II
Mark and Elizabeth Veomett
Paul Vogel
David Vollenweider
Alexander Von Kuegelgen
Gary Waitschies
Michael Walder
Brenda Walker
Michelle Walker
Andrea Walter
Carol Walter
Philene Ware Dunn
Kenneth Warren in memory of Sharon Cruden
James R. and Susan G. Waterman
Susan Webber
Sandy Weininger
WELCA of St. Marks
Miki Wellck
Kimberly Wells
Susan Weltz
Susan J. Werner
Charles West
Nathan White
Lucy M. Whitley
Justin Wolfe
Michael T. Wolff
Tyra Wolfsberg
Brian Wood
Jeffrey Wood in memory of Sharon Cruden
Caitlin Wright
Dustin Wright
Matt Wright
Mary Wyckoff
Kelly Ann Yamashiro
Mengchin Yao
Amrit Yegnanarayan
Tae Yoo
Patricia Maggi
Michelle Zalles
Darren Zanon
John and Robin Zeigler in honor of Dolores Rooney
Jake Zorro
Helen and Phil Zubaly

$50.00 - $99.99
Anonymous (3)
Mary A. Rowland in memory of Prudence Kelln
Olivia Abouchedid
William and Deborah Aceto
Christopher Allen
Jim E. Allen and Diane P. Taylor
Rachel Allen
Curtis Anderson
David A. and Darla Anderson
Jeanne K. Anthony
Philip and Claire Anton
Douglas and Ann Applegate
Dana Arnold
Joana A. Arthur
Joan S. Atherton
Renee Atkinson in memory of Robert (Bob) Lydick
Andrew S. Austin
Barbara Autrey
Lisa G. Baltzer
Michael Barrett
Susan A. Bathke
Beatley Family
Bonnie Becker
William and Tina Beletsky
Despina and Lawrence Belle-Isle
Paul S. Berger
Steve Berkowitz
Marcia Bernicat in memory of Sunic Bernicat
Keith and Michele Bevington in honor of Dolores Rooney
Jennifer Bishop
Joseph Block in memory of Sharon Cruden
C.A. Bonilla
Janet Wainwright
D. Mullins
Lissa Ann Bosanko
Matthew Bouch
Douglas E. and Judith A. Bowers
Nancy Bracy
Jerry Bradley
Martin and Anne Bredeck
Carole B. Brown
James and Janet Brownlee
Carol Bryan
Connie Bubon
Judith Buchino
Robert Buckley
Joan Bunning
Linda Carter
Dennis R. and Nancy C. Chrisbaum
Forrest Church
Cathy and Ed Cissel
George T. and Roselynne H. Cody
Jim Coffin
Peter Conklin
Joyce Connolly
Alan and Holly Cook
John R. Cooper and Linda J. Seligmann
John F. and Mary K. Crossin, Jr.
Michael Cullen
Darrold A. and Carol A. Dandy
Gerald P. Dargis
Shonda Davis
Theresa Defluri in honor of Dolores Rooney
Pamela DeSmidt
Shelley Deutch
Charles Di Leva in memory of Sharon Cruden
Elisheva Dienstfrey
Nicholas & Ruth Diffenbaugh
Jack Drago
Kenneth and Cynthia Ehinger
Richard Ehlke
James Elliott
John Ellison
Joshua Eng
Dr. Glenn B. Fatzinger in memory of Former Mount Vernon Supervisor, Warren Cikins
Luanne Feinberg
John G. and Andrea P. Ferrari
James Ferro
David Fisher
Kristin Fitzgerald
Patricia A. Flowe
Xin Fu
Brent Fuller
Jennifer Gallina in memory of Mara Johnston
Gerrald Gantt
Nathan Gardner-Andrews
Glenn E. and Karin V. Gearhard
Michael Gerrard in memory of Sharon Cruden
Tamara Sheiffer
Charles L. and Barbara D. Gholz
Jurgen O. and Susan K. Gobien
Reese Goldsmith in memory of Sharon Cruden
Adrianne Gonzales
Joseph Gorney
Sunny S. Greene
Chuck Greenfeld
Joel Gross in memory of Sharon Cruden
Nicholas Grosz
Sacred Grove
Fredrick and Jacqueline Hafner
Dennis Hall
Michael H. and Helen H. Haltzel
Keith Harrington
Nancy P. Harris
David and Andrea Heller
Barry Hemmerdinger
Stephen Henley
Joyce Herman
Jeff Hermanoff
Molly Hicks
John and Carrie Higginbotham
Earl E. Hill, Jr. in memory of Arpath F. Hill
Marion R. Hiller in memory of Jack L. Hiller
Steven Hodecker
Robert and Jeanne Holden
Richard and Mary Hubbard
Richard Hubbard
Kimberly S. Huber
Susan E. Huebsch
Sally S. Hutchins
Sandra Hyland
Bard C. and Susan Jackson
Kurt Jaeger
Nancy James
Carla J. Jaranson
Barbara E. Jeffries
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