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The new Woodlands Stewardship Education Center is at the Ellanor C. Lawrence Park in Chantilly, VA! It is a state-of-the-art interpretive center for the community to learn about animals, wildlife, and preservation.

Woodlands Stewardship Education Center building.
Adults and children on wooden bridge in the woods.

The Woodlands Stewardship Education Center has many entertaining and educational elements, such as amphitheater risers, feeding stations for birds and other wildlife, solar powered water features, and much more. A focus on STEAM (Science, Technology Engineering, Art and Math) education is enhanced through ‘R’ for Recreation. STREAM will help pique interest and inspire Fairfax County youth, while also intriguing visitors of all ages.

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The Woodlands Stewardship Education Center is designed to be a “Living Building,” one of a few in the region and approximately 30 in the world! It will be sustainably designed to rely solely on renewable forms of energy and will operate year-round in a pollution free manner. It will be created from environmentally friendly materials and designed to be accessible to all regardless of ability, age, or socioeconomic status.

The Campaign

The Fairfax County Park Foundation (FCPF) supports the Fairfax County Park Authority's much needed and long-awaited Woodlands Stewardship Education Center with a STREAM Learning Observational Outdoor Pod (The LOOP). Dynamic educational areas that support the interpretive services; outdoor spaces for the community to play, gather and learn will be complemented by a structure designed to ‘blend’ into the landscape using color, materials, and design.

Helping Our Land Heal logo.

As part of FCPA’s Helping Our Lands Heal natural capital stewardship model, the Stewardship Education Center will promote education for the restoration of natural areas on park land.

Amenities for teaching such as a kitchen, fireplace, deck amphitheater, outside wash station, learning kiosk, large map, and the LOOP learning pods will provide unique educational opportunities using STREAM principles. The Center will also offer interpretive services for the general public and partners that includes programs, camps, rentals, events, and school field trips. The general public and corporate rentals and events will be offered as well as walk-in use of outdoor experiential learning areas and trails.

Adler Amphitheater sign.

The Thermal Mass Fireplace reduces the use of solar panels in the colder months, thus using less energy and contributing to a more energy efficient building. The Adler Amphitheater is a key site for educational and recreational programming and open to the public for rental purposes.

Make the Stewardship Education Center a reality!

Every gift helps and contributions in any amount are welcome and appreciated!

Generous donors of $500 or more are listed below. Those giving $1,000 or more will also be inscribed on a permanent plaque to be installed at the Woodlands Stewardship Education Center. Feature sponsorship will be recognized on a plaque in the STREAM educational LOOP.

Donate online by credit, debit or PayPal OR Print this to mail a donation.

  • Antique Mill Stone (Educational POD) $5,000
    Integrate into amphitheater riser wall or gabion wall of Educational Pod
  • Archimedes Screw (STREAM POD)  $10,000
    Stainless steel playground feature to move water or sand up slope from basin
  • Antique Mill Stone.
  • Archemedes Screw.

Please join these like-minded sponsors by making a tax-deductible gift to benefit the future of your natural world today. Every gift helps and contributions in any amount are welcome and appreciated!

Presenting Stewardship Benefactors

Contributing $100,000 or more

The Adler Foundation

The Estate of Judith Ann Bailey

Fairfax County Park Foundation

Signature Stewardship Benefactors

Contributing $20,000 - $99,999

Stewardship Benefactors

Contributing $5,000 - $19,999

Stewardship Sponsors

Contributing $1,000 - $4,999

  • Apple Federal Credit Union
  • Dave Barnard & Prapai Seangsuriyan
  • Steven Bershader and Maggie Godbold
  • Big Rocky Forest Neighbors
  • Jillian Cohen in memory of Nedda and Igou Allbray
  • Robert and Tamie Dewitt
  • John J. and Linda L. Fagen
  • The Garden Club of Fairfax
  • Harrison A. Glasgow
  • Jennifer, Colter and Luke Grinnell Van de Vijver
  • William and Catherine Haight
  • Rich and Sue Harpe
  • The Heart Leaf Center & Crossroads Family Counseling Center
  • John and Christie Johnson
  • The Kelley Syron Sunshine Fund
  • Kris A. Keydel
  • Matthew Korn and Cynthia Miller
  • Marc Kron and Karin Rindal in loving memory of Carl M. Kron
  • Christian Lansing
  • Bob Oliver
  • Smiles for Centreville
  • Susan Lynde Duval Phipps Foundation, Inc.
  • TD Bank
  • Dr. and Mrs. Eric Vallone and Family
  • The Van Metre Foundation
  • Kurt, Patty, Mike and Tom Waters
  • Wegmans
  • Sonja Wilder
  • Kenneth and Molly Wilmarth
  • Vance S. Zavela and Jean Schiro-Zavela

Stewardship Donors

Contributing $500 - $999

  • Joseph Anderson, Jr.
  • Paul L. and Helen C. Baldino
  • Jim Bodner and Victoria Greenfield
  • Suk Cha Ivener
  • Evan and Lisa Katzman and Family
  • Dr. Gary D. Knipling
  • Michael and Emily Kohler
  • Loretta Merrow
  • Danielle Nowlin
  • Lydia Patrick
  • Nancy Vehrs
  • Edward Walker
  • Ellen Talbot Yashar in memory of Ojohn Yashar

Feature Sponsors

  • Bike Repair Station (ECLP Ball Fields) SPONSORED by Kurt, Patty, Mike and Tom Waters
  • Bike Repair Station (Bike Rack pad) SPONSORED by Marc Kron and Karin Rindal in loving memory of Carl M. Kron
  • Antique Mill Stone (Amphitheater) SPONSORED by The Estate of Helen L. Kafka
  • Boulder/Web Net Climber (Educational POD) SPONSORED by Steve & Adriane Thormahlen
  • Musical Flower Yellow (Play POD) SPONSORED by The Kelley Syron Sunshine Fund
  • Musical Flowers Indigo, Orange & Turquoise (Play POD) SPONSORED by Apple Federal Credit Union
  • Box Turtle Structure (Play POD) SPONSORED by Smiles for Centreville
  • Sand Pendulum, Scale Buckets, Building & Stepping Logs, Stone Table & Natural Fencing (THE LOOP) SPONSORED by Van Metre
  • Swimming Beaver Structure (Play POD) SPONSORED by Crossroads Family Counseling Center & Heart Leaf Center
  • Solar Charging Picnic Table (Parking) SPONSORED by Elizabeth, Thomas & Chennikara Family
  • Feeding Stations for Birds/Wildlife SPONSORED by ECLP Friends via FCPF Grant
  • Solar Cellular Trail Cameras (Kiosk) SPONSORED by Wegmans
  • Tenor Tree Musical Structure (Play POD) SPONSORED by Gail Ruf
  • Crazy Maze (Play POD) SPONSORED by The Beebe Family
  • Adler Amphitheater SPONSORED by The Adler Foundation
  • Animal Attraction and Observation Area SPONSORED by The Estate of Judith Ann Bailey
  • Hollow Climbing Log (Educational POD) SPONSORED by FCPF and The Kelley Syron Sunshine Fund

On behalf of the future generations, thank you for considering your important and time-sensitive donation that will help provide exciting educational opportunities in Fairfax County!

We appreciate these generous Stewardship Sponsor organizations!

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Crossroads Family Counseling Center logo.
Kelley Syron Sunshine Fund logo.
Smiles for Centreville.
TD Bank logo.
The Heart Leaf Center logo.
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Thanks to our partners for promoting this exciting project!

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