Donate to GSG Moon Gate Garden Project

Moon Gate Garden rendering.

Thank you to the thoughtful supporters listed below whose generosity through the Fairfax County Park Foundation will help fund the Moon Gate Garden project at Green Spring Gardens.

Barry Dewberry and Arlene Evans.

Special appreciation is extended to Arlene Evans and Barry Dewberry (pictured) whose substantial support will result in a new feature at beautiful Green Spring Gardens.  The lasting Moon Gate Garden will serve as a permanent commemoration of the site’s 50th anniversary in the form of stunning new architectural and horticultural features.

Moon gates originated in ancient Asian gardens. It is said that guests who passed through them were symbolically granted an auspicious welcome and good fortune. Future visitors to FCPA’s beautiful Green Spring Gardens are fortunate that our Signature Benefactors stepped up to personally underwrite the Moon Gate Garden stone structure and hardscape. Thank you, Arlene and Barry!

Memorialize Someone Special at the Moon Gate Garden

Susan G. Akroyd.Green Spring Gardens is a gorgeous park to honor the life of a loved one, especially as part of the Moon Gate Garden.

Generous donor, Victor E. Schwartz, Esq. shared, "I am pleased to make a memorial contribution to honor my dear friend, Susan G. Akroyd, (1945-2021) a retired principal at Parklawn Elementary, a Title I school. It is fitting that Susan will be memorialized in the seating area of the future Moon Gate garden at beautiful Green Spring Gardens where we enjoyed conversations and many walks together."

Donors contributing $5,000 or more will be recognized on a lovely plaque to be installed within the Moon Gate Garden. Donate $50 or more to add your name or to honor someone special!

Green Spring Gardens Giving Tree logo.

Special appreciation is extended to our

Moon Gate Signature Benefactors

  • Arlene Evans and Barry Dewberry

Leadership Garden Benefactors

Contributing $10,000+

  • Victor E. Schwartz, Esq. in memory of Susan G. Akroyd

Garden Benefactors

Contributing $5,000 - $9,999

  • Arlene Evans
  • Friends and Family of Mara Johnston

Garden Sponsors

Contributing $1,000 - $4,999

  • Anonymous Donors
  • Friends of Green Spring Gardens (FROGS)
  • Penny Gross for Supervisor
  • International Association of Chiefs of Police in memory of Mara Johnston
  • In Memory of Prudence Kelln
  • In Memory of Dorothy Norpel

Garden Donors

Contributing $500 - $999

  • Friends and Family of Cheri Udy
  • The neighbors from Dahill and Vengo in memory of John Battaglia
  • Stephanie Kamath
  • Robin Walker

Giving Tree Donors

  • Anonymous Donors (3)
  • Barbara Allen
  • Jane Andrews in memory of Mara Johnston
  • Nan Artman in memory of Barbara F. Neet and in honor of Amanda J. Neet
  • Ellen Ash
  • Laura A. Baird
  • Kathleen Baker
  • Theresa P. Baker in memory of Dorothy Norpel
  • Anne and Bob Baldwin
  • Margaret Batko
  • Norene M. Beach in memory of Dorothy Norpel
  • Frederick Blott
  • Tracy Blount
  • Timothy Bowers
  • Amy Lynn Breedlove
  • George Brezna
  • Celesete Brletic in memory of Anne Maldonado
  • Anna Brussel in memory of Jack Brussel
  • Marta Calderon
  • Camelot Garden Club
  • Le Thi Cao
  • Susan Carbo
  • Connie Carpel
  • Donald Carver in memory of Audrey Griffin
  • Susan Cash in memory of Philip Gibber
  • Lynda Cevallos in memory of Chong Ho Cho
  • Mrs. Chong Ho Cho
  • Andrea Corsillo
  • Ray Lorraine Creely
  • Thomas & Jeannemarie Davis in memory of Dorothy Norpel
  • Mary Dawley
  • Elvira Delagarza in memory of Mara Johnston
  • BJ and Lenny Diamond in honor of Philip Gibber
  • Janet Distefano-Greenhaugh
  • Luy Do
  • Toa Do and Le Hang Phan
  • Toa Do in memory of Vilay Chaleunrath
  • HOA Doan
  • Lisa Dunay
  • Michael Farge, Jr.
  • Barbara Farron
  • Joy Feldman in memory of Philip Gibber
  • Jeffrey Field
  • The 5th Grade Fairview Park Elementary Team in memory of Audrey Johnson Griffin
  • John Fitch
  • Gioia Forman
  • Tammi Foxwell in memory of Philip Gibber
  • Friends of Green Spring, Inc. in memory of Dorothy Norpel
  • Jennifer Gallina in memory of Mara Johnston
  • Kenneth Gibson
  • Catherine & Kevin Gillen
  • Marysusan Giguere in memory of Dorothy Norpel
  • Great Falls Garden Club
  • Sunny Greene
  • John & Margaret Greenwood
  • Patricia A. Goddard in memory of Dorothy Norpel
  • Anne Gustaveson in memory of Audrey Griffin
  • Lisa Halsted in memory of Mara Johnston
  • Gene Herndon
  • Vicki R. Herrmann in memory of Roger A. Wissman
  • Molly Hicks
  • Sallie Holder in memory of Philip Gibber
  • Huong – HOA Nguyen
  • Tania Hossain-Almaraz
  • Chi Hyon Son in honor of Claire Yi & Ryan Yi
  • Jennifer James
  • Nancy Jerdan
  • Robert Kahn
  • Murray and Fredda Kanetsky
  • Evelyn Kealey
  • Melanie Knitzer
  • Richard & Ellen Kwatnoski
  • Jessica Laurent in memory of Mara Johnston
  • Margo Lewis
  • Eleanor Lillo
  • Nancy Linsley
  • Jonathan Lipscomb
  • Charles & Kathleen Lloyd
  • Roberta Longworth
  • Srean Lor
  • Angela Marsh
  • Elaine Martin
  • Susan McCormick-Ewoldt
  • John Yates Merrell, Jr. in memory of Dorothy Norpel
  • Harry Meyers
  • Georgia Miller
  • Keith Miller
  • Elaine Mills
  • Nicole Mitchell
  • Carol & Steve Miranda
  • Susan Mostrom in memory of Lloyd and Jean Mostrom
  • Cynthia Muncey in memory of D. Bruce Nash
  • Lynn Murgia in memory of Mara Johnston
  • Mindy Nash in memory of Bruce Nash
  • Camilla Ng
  • Nghiem Nguyen Seitz
  • Northern Virginia Daylily Society
  • Ruth Nussbaum
  • Linda Nordstrom
  • Suzanne O’Malley in honor of Chong Ho Cho
  • John Paquin
  • Patricia Paulsen and Pamela Holzweissig in memory of Philip Gibber
  • William Peters
  • Deirdre Pistochini
  • Debra Porter in memory of Celia Dollarhide
  • Carolyn Purcell in memory of Audrey Griffin
  • Arthur Purves in memory of Dorothy Norpel
  • Jill Randolph in honor of Jerry Paulson
  • Kathleen Ritchardson
  • Philip Rodrigues
  • Carla Roeper and Timothy O’Hearn
  • Lisa Romano
  • Dan Rosenblatt in memory of Mara Johnston
  • Mary Ellen Rotondo
  • Eunice Roy
  • Andrew Rylyk
  • Perla & Rogelio Sanez
  • Norma Sargeant
  • Pat Sawhney
  • Bobby Saylor in memory of Audrey Griffin
  • Anita Schroeder
  • Diana Shannon
  • Jonathan & Rhonda Shaw
  • Susan Shiels in memory of Dorothy Norpel
  • Bevan Shimizu
  • Shutler Shutler
  • David Siegel
  • Angela Silverman in memory of Philip Gibber
  • Patti Smith in memory of Mara Johnston
  • Elizabeth Soper
  • Terry Stein in memory of Audrey Griffin
  • Carol & Willie Stone
  • Laura Stone
  • Ping Sun-Zheng
  • Jean Sweeney in honor of Mary Susan Guigere and Dorothy Norpel
  • Teresa Treiber in memory of Koi James Griffin
  • Katharine Trichel
  • Deborah Tronic
  • Yvonne Tsikata
  • James Updike
  • Christine Van Dyke
  • Stanley and Aimee Vosper in loving memory of Lynn and Joan Long
  • Susan Voss
  • Edward Walker
  • Robin Walker Designs
  • Mary Louise Wall
  • Catherine Sajdak Waltham
  • Brian Wendroff
  • Barbara Whitten
  • Ada Lee Wilson and John and Ann Farmer in memory of Audrey Griffin
  • The Wu Family in memory of Steven Wu