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Thank you to the thoughtful supporters listed below whose generosity through the Fairfax County Park Foundation will help fund the Moon Gate Garden project at Green Spring Gardens.

Donate $50 or more to add your name or to honor someone special!

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Thank you, Green Spring Gardens Moon Gate Garden Project donors!


Anonymous (3) in Loving Memory of Lynn and Joan Long

Nan Artman

Ellen Ash

Laura A. Baird

Theresa P. Baker in memory of Dorothy Norpel

Anne and Bob Baldwin

Margaret Batko

Frederick Blott

Tracy Blount

George Brezna

Thomas & Jeannemarie Davis in memory of Dorothy Norpel

Arlene Evans

John Fitch

Gioia Forman

Catherine & Kevin Gillen

Friends of Green Spring, Inc. in memory of Dorothy Norpel

Patricia A. Goddard in memory of Dorothy Norpel

Vicki R. Herrmann in memory of Roger A. Wissman

Chi Hyon Son in honor of Claire Yi & Ryan Yi

Jennifer James

Nancy Jerdan

Evelyn Kealey

Richard & Ellen Kwatnoski

Margo Lewis

Eleanor Lillo

Jonathan Lipscomb

Roberta Longworth

Susan McCormick-Ewoldt

Georgia Miller

Nicole Mitchell

Carol & Steve Miranda

Susan Mostrom in memory of Lloyd and Jean Mostrom

Linda Nordstrom

William Peters

Deirdre Pistochini

Arthur Purves in memory of Dorothy Norpel

Jill Randolph in honor of Jerry Paulson

Kathleen Ritchardson

Anita Schroeder

Jonathan & Rhonda Shaw

Susan Shiels in memory of Dorothy Norpel

Bevan Shimizu

Shutler Shutler

David Siegel

Katharine Trichel

Deborah Tronic

Christine Van Dyke

Susan Voss

Robin Walker Designs

Mary Louise Wall