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Moongate drawing with shadows of two people standing in the circle.

Green Spring Gardens is creating a Moon Gate Garden. This beloved park is a must-visit public garden and historic site that provides year-round inspiration for home gardeners and for lovers of nature and history. Explore 31 acres, 22 demonstration gardens, a woodland stream valley, and ponds. Green Spring also has a 1784 historic house, changing art exhibits, gift shops, and a plant shop with a wide selection of specimens propagated onsite.

Moon Gate Garden site location at Green Spring Gardens.

In 1970, most of Green Spring’s present-day acreage and the Historic House were donated to FCPA by owners Michael and Belinda Straight, whose family home transformed into a treasured community resource. The Moon Gate Garden project will create a permanent commemoration of the site’s recent 50th anniversary in the form of a beautiful architectural feature and garden. The Moon Gate Garden site location is indicated with the yellow circle.

Give to Green Spring’s moon gate project, which will include a mix of traditional and modern design concepts to draw visitors into this new Asian-inspired garden. The medium will reflect elements of Green Spring’s historic landscape, designed by trailblazing garden designer Beatrix Farrand in 1942. Beatrix Farrand’s own signature moon gate is an acclaimed feature of the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Garden in Seal Harbor, Maine.

Moon gates originated in ancient Asian gardens. Guests who passed through them were symbolically granted an auspicious welcome and good fortune. In garden design they provide enticing window views or passageways from one space into another, piquing curiosity about what lies beyond. A fitting way to celebrate Green Spring’s first fifty years, and to look forward to the next.

Six women admire garden at Green Spring.

You can help make this commemorative project a reality! Green Spring’s Moon Gate Garden project will provide a place of sanctuary and inspiration for 200,000 annual visitors. It will also provide a stunning backdrop for photography and events, and serve as a symbolic connection between the past and the future.

Find information that will help Park Authority visitors and donors follow the progress of this exciting project. Although the project is still in the conceptual and design phase, see the Project, Location, Design Concept & Plant Inspiration Board at the Park Authority's Moon Gate Garden Project webpage!

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