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Adopt a Chessie’s Carousel Animal!

A new carousel, similar to that at Clemyjontri Park in McLean, opened July 8, 2017, in Franconia Park. Located near Chessie's BIG Backyard playground and Our Special Harbor sprayground, this accessible carousel is a place which every child, including individuals with mobility issues, can enjoy.

Adopt a Chessie’s Carousel Animal!

A $5,000 gift to the Fairfax County Park Foundation enables the donor to name and adopt a special Chesapeake Bay-themed feature such as a Hummingbird, Frog, Deer, Whooping Crane, Coyote and beautiful Horses!

These carousel animals are available for adoption:

  • wolf.
  • crane.
  • brown horse.
  • Hummingbird.
  • deer.
  • Frog.
  • black horse.
  • Horse.

Call 703-324-8532 or email us!

The following animals have already been lovingly adopted:
Shell-Lee (Sea Turtle) adopted by Fairfax County Park Foundation
Sunshine (Grey Wind Dancer Horse) adopted by The Kelley Syron Sunshine Fund
Clemaline and Heneska (2 Horses with ADA seat) adopted by Hilltop Sand & Gravel Company
Soar (Eagle) adopted by Joey Pizzano Memorial Fund
Topaz (Seahorse) adopted by The Kelley Syron Sunshine Fund
Elane (Trojan horse) adopted by 495, 95, and 395 Express Lanes operated by Transurban
Socrates (Brown Wind Dancer Horse) adopted by The Adler Foundation
Dakota (Brown Horse) adopted by The Adler Foundation
Sunflower (Swan Chariot) adopted by The Children’s Therapy Center and The Kelley Syron Sunshine Fund

People standing around horse on carousel.
Transurban’s 495, 95 and 395 Express Lanes Adopts ‘Elane’.

Nautical Cove

Ribbon cutting.
Nautical Cove play area features opened on November 16, 2013 at Chessie's BIG Backyard.
Chessie sign.
Chessie ribbon.

Chessie’s BIG Backyard was made possible thanks to the generosity of many donors including:

Joey Pizzano Memorial Fund logo.
Elm Street Development logo.
Lowes logo.

Craig and Belinda Stevens

Sugarman Family Foundation

Land and Water Conservation Fund logo.
Kelly Syron Sunshine Fund.

Watch these two short videos and be inspired by young Rohil Bhinge's fundraising work for Chessie’s BIG Backyard playground. Start with 1st Fun Run and then 2nd Fun Run!