Wayne and Angela Valis.
Wayne and Angela Valis’ generous $50,000 donation to Pinecrest Golf Course and Burke Lake Park will help renovate the Indoor Practice Facility and to build a new picnic shelter, respectively. When completed, the Pinecrest practice facility will be renamed The Valis Family Golf Learning Center.

Special appreciation is extended to each of these donors for enriching YOUR Fairfax County parks!

$50,000.00 - $99,999.99
Huey and Patricia Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Valis

$20,000.00 - $49,999.99
Cox Communications
Friends of Riverbend Park
The Ruth and Hal Launders Charitable Trust
United Way of the National Capital Area
Volkswagen Group of America

$10,000.00 - $19,999.99
Claude Moore Charitable Foundation
Costco Wholesale
Friends of Frying Pan Farm Park
George Preston Marshall Foundation
Google Ad Grants Team
McLean Community Foundation
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Pulte Homes
RZ Foundation
Wheat's Lawn and Custom Landscaping

$5,000.00 - $9,999.99
Virginia Department of Forestry
Dominion Foundation
Erickson Living Development
Fairfax Memorial Funeral Home and Fairfax Memorial Park
Hilltop Sand and Gravel Company, Inc.
Terrence McNaughton
Overlook Foundation, Inc.
Recreation Equipment, Inc.
The Honorable Linda Q. Smyth and Mr. Nigel S. Smyth, In Memory of Ken Lawrence

$1,000.00 - $4,999.99
Allison Alison
Heidi Allen
Larry W. Anderson
Arts Council of Fairfax County
Grant Bartlett
Brandywine Realty Trust
Lane Brooks
Cigna Healthcare Mid-Atlantic
Mary and Jim Cortina
Dominion Valley Garden Club
Kenneth Duvall
Fairfax County Golden Raquets
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Sean Flannery
Friends of Nottoway Park
Michael Gailliot
Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Gault
GFWC Western Fairfax County Woman's Club
Giant Food, LLC.
Harrison A. Glasgow
Gordon's Grill
Rich and Sue Harpe
Toni A. Harrington
Traci D. Hartsell
Heart Sing
Janyce N. Hedetniemi
Hal B. Henry
Deborah L. Hunsberger
William Won K. Hwang
Interstate Moving|Relocation|Logistics
Kelley Syron Sunshine Memorial Fund
Kingstowne Striders
Gary and Vicki Kirkbride
Gary D. Knipling
Doris M. Kumar
Nelda Lateef
Susan Laume
Lerner Corporation
McLean Rotary Club Foundation
Bruce and Jackie McLeod
Metro Run and Walk
Charmaine Mortley-Wood, In Memory of Johanna Mortley-Wood
Bob Oliver
John and Cindy Osborn
Ms. Renate G. Pawlik
Premium Lawn & Landscape
Patricia M. Pugarelli, In Honor of Julia Pugarelli
Mrs. Jean Schiro-Zavela and Mr. Vance S. Zavela
Sheehy Auto Stores
Spirit Open Equestrian Program, Inc.
Jeremy Stern
Jean B. Strohl
Sunbelt Rentals
Suzan and Guri Syron-Singh
The Children's Therapy Center, P.C.
The Christopher Companies
The Joey Pizzano Memorial Fund
The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
Stephen and Adriane Thormahlen
Transportation Association of Greater Springfield
Trinity Centre , LLC
Tyson's Corner Center
Virginia Pediatric Group
Vanessa Viscarra
Vulcan Materials Company
Elizabeth Walsh
Westfields Business Owners Association
Westgrove PACK LLC
Nancy L. Wilson
Jennifer Wohlander
Jeffrey and Johanna Zinn

$500.00 - $999.99
Allstate Foundation
Bailey's Crossroads Rotary Club Mustang Raffle
Megan Belger
Oscar Bernier
James Bodner
Bonnie Butler
CFC Farm and Home Center
Clean Fairfax Council
Sandra Cummins-Haid
Susan O. Dadamo
James and Cindy Davidson
Ms. Jennifer Davis
Brian Demers
Ms. Sally Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Dove
Scott and Holly Dubbeling
Nicole Duffey
Eastman Handcrafted Guitars & Mandolins
Annette B. Elseth
Fairfax Adult Softball, Inc.
Andrews Family
Charles and Linda Ferguson
Freddie Mac
Virginia Fulton
GE Foundation
Marguerite Godbold
Mr. and Mrs. Linwood Gorham
Steve W. Gotte
Judith Harbeck
Faisal Hasan
Rebecca Huppert
Brianna Hurt
Daniel L. Jeffers
John and Christie Johnson
Shepard Kirkham
George and Catherine Ledec
Mary Kay Lipsey
Julie A. Lobdell
Roberta A. Longworth
Tom and Barbara McKittrick
Matthew Korn and Cynthia Miller Family Foundation
National Association for Interpretation
Anna P. Olferiev
James Palmer
Eric Partridge
Ms. Lydia Patrick, In Memory of Edward Patrick
Shelby Pearl
Berenice Renteria
Jeanne Robb
Mr. and Mrs. Corey B. Runnels
John T. Sliney
Michael and Karen Smith
Sony Corporation
Springfield Art Guild
Springfield Days Festival, Inc.
SRA International, Inc.
Constance Terrafranca
Gilda Viscarra
Edward L. Walker
Kathryn L. Ward
Brian Wendroff
Whole Foods Market
Mouthpiece Express

$250.00 - $499.99
Analytic Services Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. James Aragon
Arts Herndon
Roberta Babbitt
Paul and Helen Baldino
Kathryn Bardsley
George and Pamela Botic
Mr. William G. Bouie
The Calderons
David and Nancy Cartier
Kenneth and Lynn Cline
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Cochrane
Ms. Jennifer E. Cole
Nancy F. Collier
Bernice S. Colvard
Sarah L. Davis
Mr. Jason Deboe
Rhonda DiCarlo
DMB Invitational Golf Tournament
Mr. Robert C. Doerpinghaus
Dover Saddlery
Lisa Einsel
Emerald City Equestrian
John and Linda Fagan
Ms. Nicole Fauteux and Mr. Robert Simon
Steven and Susan Forsberg
Mr. Michael J. Gillotte, Jr.
Rev and Mrs. Norman Gindlesperger, In Honor of Taylor Gindlesperger
Marion E. Glass
Renee Grebe
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony H. Griffin
Jane W. Gwinn
Gay Hammerman
Dennis J. Hanzlik
Kenichi and Yumiko Hattori
Home Depot
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Hoskins
Edward Hoyt
Ms. Maria Izurieta
Patricia Jack
Dr. Cynthia Jacobs Carter Karl W. Carter Jr.
JAVA Productions Inc.
Pat and Bill Casano
Jody Keating
Jim and Danielle Keith
Joe and Natalie Kelly
Patricia and Charles Keppler
Kirk and Denise Kincannon
Gil and P. Linden Kindelan
John and Susie King
Jeff Kretsch
Ms. Patricia L. Kuch
Richard Leatherman
Deborah Lebo
Keith and Bari Levingston
Annah Lubag
Mary W. Lucius
Ms. Arielle Masters
James M. McDonald
Eric and Jane McDonnell
Hilary Mclellan
Owen A. McMahon, Jr.
Merrifield Garden Center
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
John Miklos
Keith Miller
Judith Mitchell
Keir Mussen
Jyoti Narayanan
Not Just Dance
Jacqueline and Charles Olin
Thomas W. O'Linn
Open Heart Counseling
Michael Palmer
Jonathan Peck
Brian Pepper
Gary Piffany
Jack and Pat Pitzer
Daniel C. Read
Ms. Gail Ruf
Ms. Susan Salpini
Robert Scavotto
Ms. Anita G. Schroeder
Segovia Painting, LLC, In Memory of Galilco Martinez
Ms. Antoinette C. Shetler
Paul A. Simoncic
Mr. John Smith, III
Richard N. Smith
Sony Corporation
Ms. Adrienne Stefan
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Sterner
Mr. James B. Tapp, Jr.
The Alves Family Foundation
The Pediatric Group
Lynn C. Thompson
Trudie E. Thompson
Karen A. Tokarsky
United Way of Central Maryland
Frank S. Vajda
Nancy Vehrs
Mr. Troy A. Vollertsen
Tim and Ayda Walsh
Richard and Jill Weisman
Margaret Wergley
Annelie Wilde
Kathryn Wilks
John M. Wilson, Jr.
Jim Zook

$100.00 - $249.99
Edward Adams
Paul Adams
Anne Ahdoot, In Memory of John Kasper
Arla and Howard Albers
James Alper
America's Charities
Joseph Anderson
Andrew Gause's Martial Arts
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Anton
Stephen Baker
Brian Ballard
Marcus Balog
Dr. Damian Banaszak and Ms. Katherine A. White
Sumit Banerjee
Rosa Bankovic
Judith Banks
Ms. Rebecca Bartholomae
Harry J. Bartosik
Stephen Baxter
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Becchetti
Ms. Cathy L. Beck
Julie Beecher
The Belle-Isle Family
Stephen Bellum
Dr. and Mrs. C. Fred Bergsten
Emanuel and Robyn Berkenbilt
Louis Berra
Clement Bezold
Aaron and Jennifer Bills
Marilyn Blatnikoff
Daniel Blum
Ms. Stephanie Booth
Mark D. Brabrook
Ms. Laura Brashier
Rebekah J. Brierly
John and Leonie Brinkema
Charlotte Brown
Dee Brown
Ms. Sharie A. Brown
Mr. John S. Brusca
E.C. Buckminster
Laura and Brian Buckwald
Joseph and Kathy Budzynksi
Jenny Burmester
Carol Burns
Jamila Burrell
Patricia A. Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cafferty
Jaclyn Caiola
Canterbury Wood Civic Association
Nga T. Cao
Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Carlson
Mark D. Carpenter
Ann Carter
Ms. Helga Carter
Dabney Carver
Pat and Sharon Cashman
Mary E. Ceperley
Helen Chang
Hwang and Eun Cho
Eric Chu
Chris Clarke
Christina Clausnitzer
Farzonae Clements
Bill P. Cleveland
Jack and Ann Clough
Condas Family Charitable Trust
Mr. Douglas Colley
Ms. Carolyn Cooley
Robert and Judith Cosgriff
Mario and Karen Costantino
Kathleen Cote
Jennifer Crane
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cranisky
Roland and Lucille Creps
David M. Criste
Andrea Cro, In Honor of Barbara Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Culver
C. J. Cush
Youngbee Dale
Kiran Dalvi
Ms. Chandra Danam
Richard David
Mary Ellen Dawley
Gonzalo and Anne De Dios
Dale Dean
Grant DeMola
Todd Deppe
Beatrice T. Dermer
Robert and Alice Deso
Brian Dieffenbacher
Ms. Anne Dobrzynski
Brian Donovan
James Dunlap
Megan Dunlap
Donald and Emily Dunn
Paul W. Dunn
Sally L. Wallace
Todd Earle
Tim Edmiston
Jim and Ruth Elder
John and Judith Ellison
Wolfgang Elser
Christopher Ernst
Jean Esswein
Richard T. Eudy, II
Arlene Evans
Timothy and Michelle Evans
Leslie Evens
The Falck Family
James and Elizabeth Falcone
Charles Fanshaw
Ms. Joyce Farling
William and Maryann Fennell
Sonja Ferguson
Mr. John R. Ferrantino
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Fina
Peter Finkel
Mr. David Fisher
Judy Flaig
Walter H. Fleischer
John and Sheila Fletcher
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Flory
Mr. and Mrs. James Flounlacker
Mary Catherine Flythe
Mr. John Burt Foster, Jr.
Brian Freiburger
Ms. Pamela A. Frere
David H. Fricke
David and Marilyn Friedman
Viveka E. Fuenzalida
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Fulkerson
Tim Gaige
Mary Gaitan
Pamela Galloway
Barbara Gardner, In Memory of Richard Gardner
Daniel Garvey
Sharon L. Gaskin
Donna Gatewood
Wade S. Gatling
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Gearhard
Clark Gesswein
Barbara D. Gholz
Mrs. Jennifer Gibson
Tramaine Gillus
Albert Giraldi
Lawrence Gloss
Elizabeth Glowicz
Monica L. Godbey
Carl and Teri Godwin
Ann Golden
Mr. Marshall Tamor Golding
Mary Goldwag
Mr. Ian Gottesman
Christopher J. Graham
Ms. M. Elizabeth Grant
Patricia Grant
Mr. Harvey Greenberg
Stephanie Gregory
Julianne C. Grimes
Ms. Elaine E. Grings
Krishna R. Gullapalli
Rohit Gupta
Sharad Gupta
Martin and Amy Gurri
John and Sandra Haberlin
Timothy and Lesley Hackman
Jerry Hahne
Ann M. Haibach
William H. Haight, III
Nancy D. Hall
Karen Halle
Barbara Hallman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Han
Ms. Sallyanne Harper
Robert Keith Hastie
Allen W. Hausman
Hugh Haworth
Peter F. Haywood
Tom Hazzard
Charles and Dorothy Heise
Ann Hennigan
Bonnie Hershberg
Lori Hickey
Mr. Keith Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. Douglass Hobbs
Sue Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Hollingsworth
Jennifer Hosny
Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe C. Howard, Jr.
Barbara Howenstine
William and Janet Huck
Rita Hudson
Michael S. Hurley
Sandra Hyland
Stephen and Yvonne Johnson
Matthew and Catherine Jones
Melissa T. Jones
Neal B. Jones, D.D.S.
Jens-Peter Kaps
Anuradha Karthikeyan
C. Keen
Katherine Kehoe
David Keller
Mr. John Kelly
Steven and Laura Key
Ms. Anne Kim and Mr. Brian Pomper
Thomas and Margaret Kinder
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Kinsey
Mr. Donald Kish
David Klubes
Lisa Knepper
Michael and Debra Kolansky
Sarah M. Kolo
Dave and Karen Koplow
W. Sheridan and Carol Kramer
Marc Kreider
Vanessa Krejci
Susan Kuhbach
Catherine Kuhlmeier
Ellen Lambeth
Kevin L. Landes
Michael Landstreet
Marion Lange
Ronald Larsen, In Honor of Amelia Larsen
Merry Lawhead
Mary E. Lawrence
Ken Lawwill
Rebecca Leach
Leadership Fairfax, Inc.
Scot and Wendy Lebolt
Deborah Lechtman
Vassilios P. Lekkas
Ruby Len
Kathy Lenczycki
Edwin and Barbara Leonard
Sivan Leviyang
Robert and Marilyn Lewin
Sarah S. Libeg
Robert and Ann Lingo
Carrie Llosa
Michael Loevner
Shari Logan
Christopher Long
Laura Lott
Barbara R. Lowrey
Julie S. Lu
Brandon K. Lucado
Ms. Kathleen Lynch and Mr. John C. Blaney
Victoria Lyon
Deborah Lysaght Plumer
Bernard and Therese Martin
Mary Massie
Joseph and Debra Mastaler
Aimee Maxfield
Mr. Gregory T. Maybury
Bethany McAleer
Crystal McCliggott
Susan McCormick-Ewoldt
Robin J. McEnerney
Helen F. McGuire
Linda McLaine
Bob and Bonnie McLaren
Ms. Virginia L. McNair
Margaret McNiff
Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Meyers
Robin C. Milburn
Millennium Pools and Spas, LLC
Karolyn A. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Chris A. Miller
Gladys S. Millington-Oliver
Charles K. Minesinger
William C. Mitchell
Judith Mitnick
MOMS Club Alexandria-Kingstowne VA
Rick and Mary Lee Montfort
Karolynn D. Moore
Paul Morris
Walter Morris
Ms. Diane Morrison
JD Morrissette
Diane Mousa
Betty Mulner
Jon Nathan
Elizabeth Nelson
Michele and Michele Ney
Bethany Nguyen
Huyen Nguyen
Blake Nichols
Phillip A. Niedzielski-Eichner
P. Brady O'Beirne
Michael O'Connell
Thomas Offringa
Mr. Timothy O'Hearn and Ms. Carla Roeper
Fred and Tina Ohly
Sunil Ohri
Colonel H. David O'Malie
Mary O'Quinn
Ms. Geraldine Otto, In Memory of Ronald E. Otto
Marianne L. Padgett
Ms. Lisa Page
Douglas Palmer
Sujatha Panavally
John and Tracy Paquin
Ms. Lois Bruckner Parks
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Parmly
Mr. and Mrs. David K. Pearce
Abby Pearson
Mr. John M. Pellett and Ms. Sally S. Marfing
Joann Perrini
Mr. John S. Perry
Meena Persaud
Mary S. Petersen
Matt Peterson
Valerie Petty
PEW Charitable Trust
Kim Phan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Philipp
Damon R. Phillips
Florence M. Piccolo
Mary Plessis-Fraissard
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Plum
Marlene Politano
Catherine L. Potter
Jim and Sue Price
Kathleen Price
Charles Przybylek
Mr. Charles Quandt
Mrs. Dorothy J. Rabe
Ms. Georgia E. Rangel
Eric Raudenbush
Brian M. Reynolds
Ms. Darci Richard
Marie Richards
Mr. and Mrs. Hezekiah M. Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Richardson, Jr.
Eric Ries
Frank and Victoria Rindone
Ms. Susan Ritchey
The Foster/Roach Family
David K. Robinson
Richard and Karen Robinson
Ann and Vince Rogers
Ms. Lisa M. Romano
Roselle Family
Jacques and Barbara Rousseau
Ms. Jane Rueger and Robin Rueger
William C. Ruffle
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan S. Ruskin
Jessica Sammis
Mr. Stephen B. Sanborn
James and Evelyn Sanford
Megan Scanlin, In Honor of Geoff Christoph
Laura Schmid
Tom and Pamela Schneider
Karren E. Scott
Scwab Charitable
John B. Seamon
Raj Shah
Rhonda Shaw
Khalil Shehadeh
Tamara A. Shepherd
Shoppers Food and Pharmacy
Mr. and Ms. Charles W. Shuman
Louise Shutler
Mr. Kenneth Sierzega and Ms. Sandy Shinn
Joanna Silva
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Simon
Scott Sizer
Cynthia Sloan
George and Herminia Smith
Avra J. Snow
Lorraine Sobson
Mr. Don Sotirchos
Lawrence Spaine
Mr. Donald W. Spigelmyer
David Spratt
Mrs. Sharon L. Sprowls
Gail B. Stansberry
Ms. Victoria Starr
Leslie and Cynthia Steger
Fred Stein
Philip Sternberg
Howard Stevens
Jennifer Stiefvater
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stoetzer, In Memory of Ricky Markham
Charles S. Stow
Robert Strand
Adam Strasel
Lynne J. Strobel
Margaret Stubbs
Donna Studdiford
April Stull
Deborah Stutz
Sangita Subramanian
Richard Sullivan
Leantha Sumpter
Liching Sung
Carol Susko
Laura Swindells
Ms. Christine Swirbliss
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Synge
Fouad Talout
Jean Tatalias
Rachna Tauch
The Ed and Andy Smith Fund
The Woodlands Retirement Community, LLC.
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Thompson
W. Dean Thrasher
Shannon Tiezzi
Don and Annette Tison
Barbara Tobias
John A. Tolleris
Joseph Tortella
Edelle and William Tracy
Jennifer Trask
Stephen Trickey
Gretchen Trujillo
Anne H. Turner
Robert O. Tyler
United Way DC One
United Way of Greater Kansas City
Andres Vaart
Mr. David J. Valentine
Melissa Vallillo
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Vanderpoel, II
Ms. Nancy R. Vellanikaran
Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Volgenau
H. Johan Von Knorring
Alexander Von Kuegelgen
Mark Wade
Col. Joseph F. Wadsworth Jr.
Michelle Walker
Dave and Cindi Wallace
Carol F. Walter
Mohamed and Catherine Wasfy
James and Susan Waterman
Edward Waters
Mario Weber
William and Mary Weinhold
Sandy Weininger
Ms. Peggy Weiss
Jacqueline Welch
Ronald A. Welch
Sarah Wells
Susan Weltz
David and Elizabeth Whitcomb
Nathan White
Eva Whitfield
Karin Whitwood
Bill and Betsy Wieand
Ed Wilde, In Memory of Walter L. Mess
Mary T. Donovan
Charles Wilson
Col. (Ret) and Mrs. Charles H. Wilson
Ms. Hazel I. Wilson
Helen and Kirk Winkle
Homer Winter
Ms. Tyra Wolfsberg
Ann C. Bauer
Jacqueline Woodle
Kelly Ann Yamashiro
Mrs. Patricia A. Maggi and Mr. David P. Young
Symantec Corporation Volunteer Matching Gift Program
Susan Yurchak
Stacey Zammit
Mr. Thomas J. Zohlen

$25.00 - $99.99
Cara Abbruscato
Naz Abdul
Janelle Abel
Andres Acosta
Aday Adetosoye
Kvita Agarwal
Jay Ahearn
Khalid Ahmad
Cynthia Akuetteh
Saigh J. Al
Lina Alattar
Hope Albert
Stephen Albert
Bevin Albertani
Ms. Elizabeth C. Aldrich
Laura Alessi
Amy Alford
Saad Al-haire
James and Mary Allen
Jonathan Allen
Ken and Carol Allen
R.C. and Gail Allen
Anne Allison
Sandra Alvarenga
Mina Anane
Melissa Andel
Angela Anderson
Caroline Anderson
Hilary E. Anderson
Larry and Sue Ann Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Anderson
Ms. Brijana Anderson
Anne Andrews
Kenneth Andrews
Jeanne K. Anthony
Tamlynn Apfelbaum
Ms. Barbara D. Archibald
Dana Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. David Arnold
Ms. Selena L. Arrants
Ellen Ash
Ms. Darlene Ash
Joan Atherton
Carly Aubrey
Natalie Auer
Ms. Coleen Austin
Elizabeth Averill
Esra Babar
Alexis Baden Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Bading
Audrey Baker
Ernest and Bonnie Baldwin
Ahmo Balic
Rebeccah Ballo
Lisa G. Baltzer
Virginie Banerji
Lenny Bankester
Edward Barfield
Nicole Barnes
Alice M. Barney
Mr. Michael F. Barrett, Jr.
Marcy Bartlett
Nicholas Bartoo
Radmila L. Bartos
Terry and Linda Bathen
Steven W. Bay
Ms. Laura L. Beaty
Joanne Beck
Anita Becker
Bonnie Becker
Charles and Nessell Beekman
Holly Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Bellamy
Robert Bender
Teri Bennett
Rhonda Bent Rabetsivahiny
Heath P. Beres
Barbara A. Berger
Paul Berger
Steve Berkowitz
Kirsten Bertges
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Bessette
David and Peggy Best
Peggy Bestrain
Vikas Bhatia
Ms. Elizabeth Bille
Samantha Bird
Christopher Black
Mr. and Mrs. MacKnight Black
Ms. Elizabeth Blake
Colleen and Vincent Blessing
Ms. Christina Blocksom
Mr. Eric Bloedorn
Orna Blum
Kendra Bock
The Bodeens
Danny Boice
Nat Bongiovanni
C.A. Bonilla
Jacqueline Bookbinder
Karen J. Bopp
Richard Bordwell
Marsha Bottegal
Glen and Suzanne Bottoms
Laurie H. Boulden
Paul Bowman
Diane Boyd
Edward Boyle
Nicole Bracken
Francis Bradley
Marge Bradley
Felicia J. Braun
Carolyn Breedlove
Teala Brewer
John Bridger
Eilzabeth Brigham
John and Claudia Brinkmann
Evelyn Brison
Nicole Britton
Anne K. Brosnan
Southita Brower
Amy J. Brown
Mr. Irving Brown
Ms. Beverley Brown
Nadine Brown
Steven and Sharon Brown
Tyson Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Browning
Margaret Bruce
Ms. Mary S. Brunsvold
Mr. John Bryans
Arlene Bubak
Constance Bubon
Mr. Scott Buchan
Darcy Buckley
Ms Beth Buckreis
Ms. Sue H. Budlong and Mr. Thomas J. Weaver
Michele Buenafe
Alexis Bugg
Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Bullock
Julia Bunnell
Ms. Joan Bunning
Margie Burks
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Burns
The Burshem Family
Janet Burt
Elizabeth and Kenneth Burton
Captain Daniel Busch
Janet Bush
Mary Bush
Carla Bustillos
Gwendolyn Butler
Eric Butterfield
Sabrina Cales
Mr. Patrick Callahan
Ms. Susan Callahan
Sharon Callaway
Ms. Ellen Callier
Mr. Alfredo H. Camero
Shirley W. Camp
Jennifer Campbell
Laura Campbell
Marcella and Bryan Campbell
Mr. Peter Campbell
Christine M. Campe-Price
Jeffrey and Sandra Canfield
Jill Caracciolo
Ms. Vera G. Cardoso
Mr. and Ms. Neil Carey
Cristina G. Carlisle
Ms. Becky Carlson
Federico Carreon
Justin Carrico
Catherine Carroll
La Quinthia Carroll
Ms. Mary Carroll
Linda Carter
Andrew Caruso
Pamela Caruso
Denisse Castillo
Veronica Castillo
Sarah Catalano
Nancy Cavanaugh
Ms. Christine F. Chaisson
Piengjit Chaiyasut
See Fah Chan Chor
Hyun J. Chang
Kimberly Chang
Lucia M. Chavez
Mr. Rigoberto Chinchilla
Betsy Chittenden
Mr. David Choi
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Chrisbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Craig E. Christman
Bernice Chu
Yon Chung
Corlyss Cigler
Donna Lynn and Domenico Cipicchio
Catherine S. Cissel
Charlene Clark
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Clark
Jacinda Clemenzi
Mr Kenneth Cogan
Marty and Maureen Cohen
Susan Cohen
Amelia Cohn
John Cole
Elizabeth Collins
Gina Coluzzi
Debra Comizio
Mr. Peter Conklin
Carolyn Connelly
Cheryl Coogan
James Coogan
John R. Cooper
Katherine Cordova
Patrick Corea
Hank and Declan Cornelius
Bonnie L. Corwin
Matthew Coury
Theresa Cover
Kim Cox
Arlee Crapo
Mary Crate
Whitney Cromie
Marianne Crooch
John and Mary Crossin
Heather Crowl
Amy Crumpton
Mr. Michael Cullen
Ann Marie M. Cunningham
Janine Dade
Annette Dagg
Margaret Daigle
Jon Dalby
Ms. Elizabeth Dalton
Nancy Dalzell
Mr. Michael J. Danbury
Darrold and Carol Dandy
Mr. Simon Dang-Tran
Valerie Danyluk
Gerald Dargis
Seth and Diane Davidson
Mary Davie
David Davis
Mr. Wayne A. Davis and Ms. Kathryn M. Olesko
Ms. Lesley V. Dawson
Elizabeth Dcruz
Mr. Anthony S. De La Paz
Elizabeth De Saussure
Herman Deberry
Mary Decuir
Nina Dejesus
Alice DeKany
Michelle Dekoven
Ms. Anne DeLanoy
Molly Demarcellus
Mr. Marc B. Demers
Ms. Susan Demsko
Ms. Verna Denchi
Mr. Kirk R. Denee and Ms. Cheryl Graczyk
Mary Dennis
David Denson
Ms. Hester Depue
Cynthia Deronde
Crescence Derose
Jo Dewey
Sharan Dhawan
Megan Dho
Vanessa Diaz
Adrien and Adam Dickerson
Jennifer Diffell
Hope Digiusto
Irene and John DiGravio
Robert Dineen
Joellen Dinges
Diane Dixson
Mr. David N. Do and Tram Le
Mark and Miriam Doehnert
Mr. Kurt C. Doehnert
Mr. Alvin W. Doehring
Norbert and Elizabeth Doerry
Lisa L. Dolan
Jackie Donaldson
Ms. Harriette Donaldson
Mr. Thomas Donnelly
Diane Donovan
Joseph Dooley
Heather Doran
Robert E. Dorosz
Mr. A. Yates Dowell and Ms. Judy A. Cramer
Lindsey Dowling
Jacqueline Downie
Thomas and Lois Doyle
Cynthia Drabek
Hillary Driscoll
Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Driscoll
Laura Dufresne
Jennifer Dugmore
Timoney Dunlap
Mr. Glenn A. Duponte
Donna Dvorak
Richard B. Dyer
Charles Eaton
Lea Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Effron
Cynthia Ehinger, In Memory of Thomas and Mary Flynn
Mr. Richard Ehlke
Barbara and Richard Eilers
Olufemi Elegbe
Carol Elias
Elias Family
Franchon Elkins
Margaret Elliott
Kathleen Elrod
John G. Eltzroth
Karen Emami
Stephanie Emilo
Rachel England
Claudia Enos
Barbara Enyeart
Ethan Epley
Suzanne Erera
Mercedes Eugenia
Mr. and Mrs. John Evans
Marian Ewell
Gerard Fahy
Ronald Fallon
Beth Farley
Irem Fasihi
Dr. Glenn B. Fatzinger
Fauquier Livestock Exchange, Inc.
Joann T. Fay
Ms. Vivian E. Feagan
Elizabeth Fedirko
Terry Felegie
Beth Felsen
Margaret A. Fernandez
Walter Ferony
John G. Ferrari
Tatyana Feygelson
Richard K. Fickett
Craig Field
Lauren Fitzgerald
Ms. Patricia A. Flowe
Ms. Elisabeth Foley
Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Ford
Catherine Foster
Ms. Marcie W. Foster
Suzanne Foster
Kristin Foti
Eugene A. Fox
Lauren Fox
Christine Frank
Thomas W. Frank, Jr.
John and Elizabeth Franklin
Joshua Frazier
Andrew Freeman
Ms. Barbara A. Freggens
Sara Friedlander
The Fritzson Family
Matthew Fromm
Mr. John Fuhrer
Lance Fujita
Ronald Gagan
Catherine Gallegos
Mr. Kevin Gallo
Martha and Denis Galvin
Gerrald Gantt
Beverly J. Gardner
Nathan Gardner-Andrews
Gerard Garino
Judith Garland
Jennifer Garrod Smith
Ms. Susan Garthwaite
Judit Gates
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph G. Gattoni
Harold E. Gay
William and Lois Gay
Lynn Gayer
Michelle Gee
Robert and Patricia Gehring
Mr. Michael Gelb
Brett Gibson
Laurie Gibson
Michael Gilbert
Julia Gilchrist
Mary Gillespie
Rose Gingery
Christopher Gloria
Mr. and Mrs. Jurgen O. Gobien
Jessi Godoy
Gabriel Goldberg
Kerrie Golden
Edward and Nadja Golding
Mrs. Adrianne Gonzales
Jose Gonzalez
Vellore and Lakshmi Gopinath
Ms. Susan M. Gordley
Julia Gordon
Mr. Joseph C. Gorney
Kimberly Graber
Stephanie Graf, In Honor of Stephanie L. Catherine
Ms. Kristi Graves
Ms. Meredith Graves
Timothy and Johna Grayson
Michele Green
Susan Green
Michael and Brenda Greene
Sunny Greene
Ms. Teresa Greenley
Greenspring Village
Ms. Ann Greenwood
Cathy Greulich
Gary Grice
Eric Griffis
Eucline Griffith
Mr. Charles E. Griffith
Ms. Lee Griffith
Mary Grogan
Nadine Gross
Drew and Carol Gruenburg
Donald Gubser
Johanna Guccione
Ute Gunn
Kimberly Guy
Charles and Ellen Haberlein
Mr. Thomas B. Haddock
Gloria Haher
Barbara Halberstam
Dennis Hall
Patrick Hall
Tiffany Hallman
Michael and Helen Haltzel
Osamma Hamdy
Ms. Jeanne G. Hamilton
Tania Hanna
Murray W. Hannon
Edward Harris
Wilson Harris
Ms. Valorie Harrison
Grail Harte
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harvey
Sarah Harvey
Johanna Haskell
Ms. Amy Hasselkus
Elizabeth Hattingh
Ms. Diane Havinga
Susan and Andrew Hayden
Thomas Hayes
M. Janice Haymore
Elizabeth Healy
Jennifer Healy
Mary Heath
Christopher Heck
Julia Hecton
Virginia Heine
Colleen Heisey
Mr. and Mrs. Warren P. Helwege
Paul Henderson
Tracey M. Henderson
Rick Henshaw
Heather Herbert
Susan Herbert
Ms. Joyce Herman
Mr. Christopher Hernadi
Jo Ann Hersh
Mr. Paul L. Hertz
Mr. Sheldon Hervey
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Heyer
Matthew Hezel
Austin Hicklin
Mr. Roberton Williams and Ms. Jane C. Hilder
George Hill
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Hill
Jack and Marion Hiller
Ms. Rachel Hingst
Marion Hinners
Nancy Hinson
Ms. Carole A. Hisnay
Mr. George Hite
Ronnette and Robert Hobart
Steven Hodecker
Ms. Madonna Hoecker
Stephen and Ester Hogye
Pauline M. Hohauser
Robert and Jeanne Holden
Barbara J. Holloway
John and Debora Holmes
Robert Holst
Katherine Hopper
Toni Horst
Brenda L. Horton
Melissa Horvath
Kimberly Hotz
Esther Houseman
Elizabeth Huang
Susanna Huang
Mary Hubbard
Nicole Hudak
Samantha Hudson
Laura Huerta
Tonda Hunsinger
Dako Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Hurley Jr., In Memory of Daniel C. Hurley
Mara C. Hurwitt
Mark and Debbie Husband
Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Hutcheson, Jr.
Sally S. Hutchins
Chi Kim Huynh
Mr. John Hwang
Nancy Hyde
Mr. Norbert Hymel
IBM International Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Indelicato
Marcel and Donna Infeld
Harry Iredale
Ms. Susan Irish
Vladimir Ivanov
Bard and Susan Jackson
Rhea Jacobson
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Jaeger
Jennifer James
Mr. and Mrs. Mel Jaranson
Barbara Jauregui
Aaron Jeanguenat
Barbara E. Jeffries
Ms. Hazel E. Jeffries
Sharon Jentzer
Shalini Jerath
Tigist Jima
Granville Johns
Amy Johnson
Amy Katharine Johnson
Carolyn Johnson
Jarvis Johnson
Jay M. Johnson
Larry C. Johnson
Mr. Stanley R. Johnson and Ms. Rosalind Johnson
Justina Johnson Head
Erin Johnston
Janie C. Johnston
Shaida Johnston
Carrie Jones
Katherine Jones
Sharon Jones
Benjamin Jorgensen
Kevin K. Joyce
Laurie Juliana
Francine and Jay Jupiter
Helen Kafka
Kimberly Kakalec
Hisham Kamal
Eunjung Kang
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Karle
Erin Karney
Paul Karstetter
Jonathan D. Kaskin
Dr. Namir E. Kassim
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall H. Katz
The Katzman Family
Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Kaus, In Honor of Wendy Wyant
Maryna Kavaleuskaya
Joanne Kearney
Kevin Kearney
Donna Keefe
Carol and Thomas Keightley
Challa K. Kelecha
Shannon Kelley
Betty J. Kelly
Mary Kelly
Thomas A. Kelly
Katelynn Kem
Renee Kendley
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Kennedy, Jr.
Jon Lynn Kerchner
Ms. Suzanne G. Kerry
Zaimah Khan
Kidwell Family
Sara Kieffer Hess
Mike Kilby
Jennifer Killer
Katherene Kim
Miran Kim
Tae Kim
William Kincaid
Alice King and David Miller
John L. King
Paula C. King
William E. Kinsella, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kinser
Rosemarie Kirwin
Miklos Kiss
George Klein
Edgar Kley
Sarah Kline
Ms. Claire Kluskens
Jim Knaub
Taylor L. Knight
Dr. and Mrs. H. Donald Knox
Eva Koca
Nina Kogan
Gregory and Marie Kohlhaas
Mr. Michael A. Kosecoff Ms. Caren J. Kamberg
Ms. Virginia Kost
Ms. Hanna Kovtun
Mr. Robert M. Kraft
Mr. Jeffrey Krauss
Lori Krishnan
Laura Krupnick
Mr. Arnold W. Kunkler, Jr.
Shirley Kwan Hui
Richard Kwatnoski
Hanna Kwon
Megan Laboy
David Lamartin
Dan Lambert
Susan Lampazzi
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Landau
Steven Lang
Bonita P. Lanier
Kori Lapham
Elise Larsen
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Larson
Ms. Allison Noelle Laskowski
Jim Lawton
Alexis Layman
Ms. Barbara Lazirko
Aleksandra Lee
Grace Lee
Jessica Lee
Charles H. Leedecker
Guinevere Leeder
Katherine Lehmann
Helen Leino
Ms. Sarah Lemoine and Mr. Brian Williams
Charles and Lydia Leone
Bret W. Leslie
Rachel Leslie
Samuel and Carrie Leslie
Mrs. Rosalie Lesser
Mrs. Ruthann Ligon and Mr. Thomas Ligon
Diana Lim
Robert and Janice Linett
Elizabeth Linsert
Ms. Nancy M. Linsley
L.A. Livingston
Charles B. Lloyd
Michael Loatman
Joan Loepker
Murray and Gloria Loew
Carmen Logan
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Long
Robert and Amanda Long
Mr. and Mrs. John Lonnquest
Katharine Lopez
Brandon Lord
Louis & Associates, LLC.
Mr. Thomas Lovejoy
Josephine S. Lowe
Veronica E. Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. Mario E. Lucero
Robert Lundegard, In Honor of Paul Lundegard
Kelly Lympany
Donna A. Lynch
Elizabeth Lyon
Charles Ma
Ms. Agnes C. Macias
Ms. Kristin S. Mackert
Charles and Lisa Madden
Ms. Marie E. Maddox
Jason Maglathlin
Mr. Mohammad O. Mahboob
Ms. Nancy B. Maher
Brittney Majors
Rebecca Makar
Jennifer Maki
Linda Mallery
Lisa Mandrusiak
Mr. Tucker H. Maney
Glenda and Philip Mangano
Bledar Manka
Manuel Manriquez
Sherrie Marafino
Charlotte Marcus
David Marden
Ashley Marion
Wayne Marple
Linda Marshall
Mary T. Marshall
Tia Marsili
David and Barbara Martin
Ms. Donna M. Martin
Melissa Maskulinski
Lisa Massa
Ron and Judy Massaro
Kasey Massie
Barry Mates
Ms. Laureen Matta
Nancy Mattson
Ursula Maurer
Diana Maykowskyj
Peter Mburu
Katherine McAloon
Harry McAlpine
Robert J. McAuliffe
Craig McCall
Melissa McCarthy
Ms. Lea McCaw
Christy McFarland
Mary M. McGinlay
Mr. James C. McGlone, Ph.D.
Julia McIntire
Jeanne M. McIntyre
Ms. Mary Lee McIntyre
Diehl and Karole McKalip
Kate McKnight
Peggy McNulty
Jennifer McPherson
Tim and Kathleen McQuade
Dave and Edie Mead
Kelly and Meredith Meadows
Andrea Mehrer
Julie Meier
Peggy A. Melanson
Joe Mellender
Luisa Menjivar
Elaine Z. Mercer
Mr. and Mrs. Josh D. Merck
Loretta Merrow
Jennifer Mertz
Connie Meskill
Kymberly Messersmith
Susan Metcalfe
Ms. Lori Meyer
The Michaud Family
Diana Michel
Bruno Miller
Meribeth Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Miller
Ms. Lauren Miller
Ruth Miller
Samantha Miller
Theodore and Stephanie Miller
Zoran Milosevski
Shirly Miner
Marie Minton
Michael Misantone
Olga Mitchell
Scott Mitchell
Ms. Kari J. Mitchum
Ken P. Mittelholtz
Linda Miwa
Lucy Mobbs
James Moffett
Robert and Margaret Moir
Berta Molina
Lynn C. Moloney
John R. Mooney
Reuben W. Moore
Odimar Morales
Susan C. Moreau
Kay Morell
Donald Morgan
Jason V. Morgan
Jillian Morganwalp
Ms. Brenda Morris
James Mort
Mr. Bradley S. Moskowitz and Ms. Diane J. Lowenthal
Randy T. Mouri
Lauren Muangman
Thomas and Dolores Mulkerin
Ms. Sherry Mull
Ashley Muller
Mr. John Mulligan
Ms. Dorothy P. Mullins
Ms. Lynn L. Munch
William R. Munch
Edward Mundy
The Murdoch Family
Terence Murphy
Zachia Murray
Ann Cox Myers
Gina Myers
Alyson Nagle
Walt and Joanne Nagurny
Yan Naroditsky
Mr. Jon J. Nassar
Jo Anna Natale
Nancy Needs
David F. Nefzger
Lisa Neher
Carol Neiman
Elizabeth Nelson
Jeffrey Nettles
Ms. Peggy K. Newhall Mrs. Margaret H. Newhall
Ms. Patricia M. Newton
Doan Trinh Nguyen
Kieu Chi Thi Nguyen
Trish Nguyen
Tuan V. Nguyen
Elizabeth Nicholls
Jennifer Nicholson
Mr. and Mrs. David Nickerson
Sharon Nord
Cynthia Norris
Ms. Deborah L. Norris
Carol L. Oakes
Mr. and Mrs. Roy O'Bryan
Leroy O'Byrne
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Ochs
Gordean O'Connor
Ms. Susan O'Donnell
Anne O'Hara-Murphy
Stephanie O'Neill
Karen Ortiz
Jennifer O'Sullivan
Doris V. Overton
Ms. Julie Owen
Sasikumar Palakkizhi
Ms. Paula J. Palmore and Mr. Robert Buckley
Arun Panicker
Mary Papa
Melissa Pape
Tennille Parker
Wendee Parker
Walter G. Parks
David W. Parsons
Dana Partos
Mr. Theodore Pasek
Kyla Patek
Karen Patrick
Alexis Paul
Ms. Diane Paulson
John Peabody
Daniel R. Pearson
Patricia Pearson
Sarah Pease
Mr. and Ms. David C. Pedersen
Janice Peischel
Annie Per Lee
Yolanda Peralta
Mark Perine
Ms. Judy F. Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Persil
John and Blanche Peterson
Carolanne Petrusiak
Janice Petzold
Ms. Amy Pflug
Damian Piccolo
Suzanne Pickens
Ms. Donna C. Pieper
Jacquin Pierce
Preston C. Pierce
Tracey Pilone
Maria Pinto
Miriam Pirone
Alan and Cynthia Plisch
Jane Plomley
Vivian L. Podgainy
Judith Poinsett
Elizabeth Pond
Ronald Pontius
Mary Post
Mr. John R. Powers
Ms. Tamara Powlas
Hirisave Pratap
Mr. and Mrs. Roger K. Pratt
Nancy Prescott
Cathy Presnell
Susan Presti
Nancy S. Price
Scott and Lisa Priebe
Karla Pringle
Mark J. Proctor
Luis Prudencio
Kathryn Pugh
Mr. and Mrs. Andre A. Pugin
Debra Pumphrey
Kristen Purcell
Deborah Purkayastha
Niki Purkoski
Haiping Qi
Maureen Queler
Ken Quincy
Jean and Henry Rackowski
Mr. and Mrs. John Radke
Ms. Dorothy Raduazo
Jeanne Raeder
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Raffaele
Dorothy Raffel
Mr. Mark J. Raiffa and Ms. Ruth Bandler
Lisa Railan
Patrick Ramsey
Rupinder Randhawa
Thanigal Ranganathan
Malathi and Prakash Rao
Larry and Marlene Raphael
Ms. Daphne Rappaport
Vicki and Ramsey Razick
Jim and Kathy Reardon
Marilyn Reardon
Anna Reed
Ms. Barbara E. Reed
Debbie Regalario
Nikisha Reid
Ms. Kim C. Rendelson
Donna Repetski
Jessie Retherford
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Reynolds
Beverly Ricci
Douglas S. Richardson, M.D.
Erika Rissi
Margaret H. Rivera
Leslie Robare
Dianne and Phil Robbins
Ms. Faith Roberts
Joan Robin
A. Warner and Virginia Robins
Cherisse Robinson
Lisa Robinson, In Honor of Michael Cotter
Pat Robinson
Ms. Elizabeth Rockett
Douglas Rodriguez
Katty Rodriguez
Vanessa D. Rodriguez
Heather Roelke
Karen and Patrick Rogers
Marco Rojas
Ms. Jolene W. Romanyshyn
Ms. Debbie Rooney
Mary Anne Rose
Ellen Rosenberger
D. Thomas Ross
Ezra Rosser
Bill and Dorothy Rossi
Hart Rossman
Shoshana Rothman
Rachel Roy
John Rubenbacker
Friska Rubijono
Jenny Ruchti
Ms. Marsha Runningen
Patricia Ryan
Regina Ryder
Caryl and Harold Salters
Joseph Salvatore
Cemile Sancak
Kristin Sanchez
Paulette Sandene
Debra Sandoval, In Memory of Corky Hartman
Ms. Perla Sanez
Mr. Keith Sanfacon
Elizabeth Santillo
Richard and Martha Sargent
Sreenivasulu Sariputi
Joanne Satyanarayan
Arthur Sauer
Pat Sawhney
Genevieve A. Schechter
Joseph Scheibeler
Heather Schildge
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Schmukler
Alan Schroeder
Robert H. Schroeder
Debra Schultz
Pam Schultz
Doris Schwartz
Eleanor Schwartz
Deborah Scott
Nancy Scott
Vincent Sedwick
Stephanie See
Deborah Seidner
Kimberly Sellers
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin R. Sellers
Sally A. Sellman
Nandini Selvam
Ishita Sengupta
Pavani Seri
Tiffany Shackelford
Carol Shaffer
Whitney Shaffer
Raffie Shahrigian
Warren and Cynthia Shang
Ms. Marilyn Shapiro
John and Beverly Shaud
Ms. Allie Shaw
Ms. Anna Shaw
Claire Sheahan
Andrew Sheehan
Christopher Sheft
Mohamad N. Shehadeh
Brenda Sheingold
Allison Shimooka
Ms. Myra Shipley
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shiring, Jr.
Arathi Shreeram
Fiona Shrimpton
Mrs. Bart Siciliano, Jr.
Sally Sieracki
Jon Silberman
Howard Silverman
Jeffrey Sindler
David Singer
Singaravelu Sivanandan
Frederick and Marilyn Skaer
Mr. E. L. Slaggie
Sherry G. Slawski
Joan Slottow
Cheri Smith
David H. Smith
Doug Smith
Elin Smith
Byron Snow
Debra Snyder
Thomas J. Solak
Melinda Soltys
Caroline Somers Nourse
Eugenia Sozzi
Tony and Pam Spano
Hubert N. Sparks
Bianca Spatafora
Ms. Karen Special
John Spiwak
Ms. Betty J. Stacey
Kerry Stadulis
Shannon Stapleton
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Staresina
Patti Steele
Jennifer Steiner
Ken and Karen Stepka
Ryan H. Steptoe, In Memory of Brian McGuire
Alan and Karen Stevens
Christopher Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Craig R. Stevens
Noelle Stills
Ms. Margaret G. Stofko
Dr. Edward J. Stone
Marilyn Stoney
Scott and Louise Stracke
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Strain
Yolanda Strong
Ms. Kim Stryker
Beth Stucker
Nancy Stuckwisch
Jonathan Sturges
Gonzalo Suarez
Ms. Patricia Suarez
Mary Sugar
Ms. Michele A. Sullivan
Robert S. Sullivan
Scott Sullivan
Marty and Rick Summerour
Savitha Sunkar
Nicole Surber
Nancy Suska
Deborah Suski
Catherine Swinson
Don and Chris Sylvester
Catherine Syron
Robert Tabaroni
Ms. Becky Takacs
Zaheer Tanveer
Diane P. Taylor
Grace Taylor
Jeb Taylor
The Taylors
Dave Teal
Alison Teitelbaum
Ms. Ilene Teixeira
Mary Tetreault
Rajkumar Thangavelu
Ms. Margaret Thaxton
Lisa Thillairjah
Christina Thomas
Jody Thomas
Smita Thomas
Stephanie Thomas
Dale Thompson
Katherine Thompson
Marcelyn Thompson
Paulette Thompson
Mr. Randall C. Tidd
Charles and Karen Tillotson
Heather Timbrook
Carrie Tipton
Frederick L. Tolleson
Rachael Tolman
Dianne Tomasek
Mr. David Tomblin
Marguerite Tonjes
Cary and Joyce Toor
Mr. and Mrs. John Topping
Ms. Susan Torok
Claudia Torres
Suzanne Tosini
Abby Tourtellotte
Katharine Townsley
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon R. Trapnell
Maura Traub
Paul L. Tremblay
Patricia Trenner
Nancy Tresp
You C. Tsai
Amy Tucker
Katharine Tugendhat
Joan Tury
Diana Tyler
Karen Underwood
Odile Updegrove
The Upshaw Family
Diane Urban
Indre Uselmann
Alison Vaden
Susan Valentine
Mike Van Horn
Sandra Van Valkenburg
Jozette Velezon
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Velkoff
Ms. Sherri L. Vervack and Mr. Ronnie J. Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Vickers
Jennifer Victor
Ariel Villa
Claire L. Virga
Jerome Vitner
Gene and Betsy Voegtlin
Dana Vogel
Jean Vogel
Paul Vogel
Leslie Vojta
Maria Vouras
Ms. Linda A. Vretos
Patricia Wahab
Scott Wainwright
Gary Waitschies
Colonel and Mrs. Jimmy Walker
Jefferson Walker
Ms. Cynthia Wallin
Debra Walther
Xuyuan Wang
Ywg Wang
Ian Ward
Laurel Ward
Rosemary L. Waring
Julie Warner
Jennifer Warren
Jamie Washington
Ms. Georgia C. Weatherhead
Steven and Megan Weatherly
Gina Weatherup
Pamela Weber
Roger Weiler
Richard J. Weinberg M.D.
Eric Weiss
Gayle Weiss
Jason Weiss
Ms. Jennifer Kim Weiss
Amy Well
Kimberly J. Wells
Susan J. Werner
Mr. James H. Wessels
John C. West
The Hopkins Family
Elizabeth White
Lt. Col. Eugene J. White, Jr.
Nancy White
William White
Yvette White
Lucy M. Whitley
Upshur Whittock
Emmanuel Wiafe
Wendy Wickham
Kathy Wicks
Vicki Wight
Brian Wilbourn
Eugene Wilhelm
Cara and Joshua Will
John Scott Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Zeke Williams
Mr. Chris P. Williams
Andrew Willis
Clarence Willis
Ms. Kristin Wilson
Bette Winfree
Barbara Winstead
David Winters
Alexis Wirtz
Kelemework K. Wodiye
Mr. David Wohlscheid
Ann H. Wolf
Leneice Wu
Farrah Wong
Janet Wong
Brian Wood
Scott Woodford
Katharine Woods
Amber Wright
Susan T. Wright
David B. Wynne
Hiroyuki Yamaguchi
Katherine C. Yang
John and Elizabeth Yeary
Inia I. Yevich-Tunstall, MD
Michael and Pamela Yocom
Patricia Yoder
Kevin Young
Ms. Linda L. Young
Deborah Younge
Hong Sik Yu
Ms. Janice Yussuf
Mr. John H. Zacharia and Ms. Stella Y. Chang
Basil Zavoico
Ron Zich
Gaynne Zimmerman
Robert Zirkle
Robert B. Zuehlke