Please donate to Open Space Land Preservation

Bluebells.Open space in Fairfax County is rapidly dwindling. Currently, less than 14% of the county’s area remains as open space. Air and water quality improve when land is preserved. Open space buffers noise, reduces storm water runoff, provides wildlife habitat and supports recreational activities. Open space also requires limited infrastructure and county services, so it contains the cost of government.

The Open Space Land Preservation Fund gives residents a way to take direct, personal action to conserve the country’s shrinking open space. Contributors gain the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping to guarantee a legacy of open space and parks in Fairfax County for future generations to appreciate and enjoy. With your donation, you’ll be working to protect environmental quality in Fairfax County. Donors have helped the county purchase more than 400 acres, among them eight and one-half acres along Sideburn Road in Fairfax that was added to Woodglen Lake Park; 27.9 acres along Old Colchester Road in Lorton, added to Mason Neck West Park and 238 acres along Bull Run Post Office Road in Centreville that was added to Sully Woodlands Park.

Your gift will help acquire undeveloped land to be preserved as public parks. Priority is given to properties that provide trail connections, conserve plant and animal habitat and protect valuable watersheds. Please make a tax-deductible donation today to the Fairfax County Park Foundation’s Open Space Land Preservation campaign.