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McLean Central Playground Team (MCPT) is a grassroots group of local moms, working in conjunction with the Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA) and Fairfax County Park Foundation (FCPF) to fundraise for the renovation of the McLean Central Park Playground, located at 1468 Dolley Madison Boulevard in McLean, Virginia. MCPT's mission is to update the McLean Central Playground to offer more inclusive amenities for a wide range of ages and abilities to build community that serve McLean residents and visitors for generations to come.

Five members of the McLean Central Playground Team.
MCPT Members (left to right) Angie Golder, Jenny Gregory, Lacey Obry, Cara Schantz and Jessica Wu

The MCPT team met through a local playdate group in 2021. Drs. Cara Schantz and Angie Golder got the ball rolling by looking into how to initiate a park renovation. After hearing that FCPA was taking public input on plans for McLean Central Park, they saw the perfect opportunity to collaborate with FCPA. Lacey Obry joined the team, led outreach to many families, and brought Jessica Wu, Sarah Farzayee, & Jenny Gregory on board. Together, they became a strong voice for what families in the area really wanted at McLean Central Park Playground -- a combined toddler & school-aged playground, an enclosed play space, sensory equipment, more swings, new equipment (with adaptive features), & rubberized poured-in-place flooring instead of mulch.

Your contribution for this exciting project will bring joy to many by helping to make the following features possible:

  • Larger footprint to allow for a combined totlot and school age play area*
  • More benches and chairs throughout the play areas to provide ample seating*
  • Fenced-in totlot*
  • Rubberized surfacing (similar to Clemyjontri Park) will replace mulch in this naturally damp area*
  • New play features and sensory play equipment including a universal adaptive swing will enrich the play experience*

*Pending available funding.  If the goal is not reached, the restoration will be scaled back.

Rendering of McLean Central Park Playground.
Rendering of the McLean Central Park Playground renovation.

The beautiful playground design concept will not become a reality without the community's financial support. MCPT is encouraging donations to be made through the Fairfax County Park Foundation (FCPF) through December 31, 2023 to raise $400,000 for the McLean Central Park Playground renovation.  As a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, all gifts to FCPF are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Boy touches leaves on art wall.

Contributions of any amount are welcome to help move us closer to our goal for the McLean Central Park Playground renovation campaign. This is a wonderful way to honor a loved one or to memorialize someone special!