Harry Glasgow and Nancy Vehrs.

Harry Glasgow and his partner, Nancy Vehrs, are shining examples of volunteers and donors! Harry and Nancy’s long and impressive track record of environmental stewardship includes leadership positions in local organizations, and a personal commitment to stewardship education as evidenced in leading their weekly bird walks at Huntley Meadows Park.

Car key.

Their ongoing and effective advocacy for the protection of natural resources have made a strong impact on our environment and Fairfax County parks. They have generously donated to the Fairfax County Park Foundation including a 2008 Prius that Nancy gave via the Park Foundation’s CARS Vehicle Donation Program.

Both Harry and Nancy serve on many boards and environmental groups. They helped create local Master Naturalist chapters, and Harry served as a certified Master Gardener. They have received numerous environmental awards. Harry was the recipient of the Fairfax County Park Authority’s Sally Ormsby Environmental Award and the Elly Doyle Award. Together they were named Conservationists of the Year by a Northern Virginia chapter of Ducks Unlimited. In 2017, Nancy was a local recipient of the Cox Conserves Heroes award. As president of the statewide Virginia Native Plant Society, in 2021 she was recognized nationally for her work and dedication in conservation, education, and native plant initiatives.

“After a long career with Fairfax County that left me financially secure, I felt it my duty to give back to my community through volunteer service. I love nature and, once retired in 2012, joined Harry on the Monday morning bird walks at Huntley Meadows. Soon I was assisting him in leadership and record keeping. We also enjoy monitoring Eastern Bluebird nest boxes for the park and this year we have celebrated many broods. Fairfax County has an amazing diversity of natural history parks and we both enjoy visiting them,” stated Nancy.

Harry exemplifies the saying “time, treasure and talents.” He served on the Park Foundation’s Board of Directors for more than a decade including service as Treasurer. He continues to serve as the Board Secretary.  He maintains active membership in the Friends of Huntley Meadows leading weekly bird watching groups, and 24 serving on the Friends of Huntley Meadows Park Board. Harry also served as vice-chair on the Fairfax County Park Authority Board and chairman of the Tree Commission. Harry continues to demonstrate an ability to connect people with the natural world around them.

Harry said, “When I moved to Northern Virginia in 1989, I had no intention on staying after retirement. Then I found Huntley Meadows and fell in love with its birds, animals, reptiles, and flora. Nancy and I have led the Monday morning bird watching group at Huntley for many years and it’s one of our greatest passions. I am committed to protecting our natural world and am active in many environmental activities. My long service on the Park Foundation Board of Directors aligns with my mission of protecting our beautiful parks and world.”

Harry and Nancy’s contributions of time, talent and treasure are immeasurable as is their positive impact on Fairfax County Park Authority parks, programs, and projects. Harry and Nancy each serve as an example to many through their work as a valued volunteer.

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