Clemyjontri Picnic Shelter Supporters.
The groundbreaking ceremony for the new Birthday Party Shelter at Clemyjontri Park

Wherever you go in McLean, you can see the impact of the McLean Community Foundation’s civic involvement over the past 35 years. The volunteer organization prides itself on supporting causes that benefit everyone in the community.

"We have provided funding for medical and rescue vehicles and equipment for the McLean Volunteer Fire Department, senior housing, hospice, drug treatment programs, schools and parks,” said McLean Community Foundation's past president Amee Burgoyne. "It’s been wonderful.”

Community parks such as Bryn Mawr and Kent Gardens have benefited from the organization’s generous contributions toward trail maintenance and playground equipment. McLean Community Foundation (MCF) has also made substantial contributions to support Clemyjontri Park, a magical playground experience that that enables children with and without disabilities to enjoy every feature together.

"To see the expression on each child’s face when he sees it for the first time is fun.” said MCF president Janet Tysse. “I take my grandchildren here. They love it, and we could spend hours here."

MCF’s generous support through the Fairfax County Park Foundation dates to 2004, when Clemyjontri Park’s planning and construction was just beginning, and MCF provided one of its largest grants ever to fund the park’s fitness quadrant. Later, the organization provided funding for the Liberty Swing, a unique piece of equipment that enables children in wheelchairs to enjoy the thrill of a ride on a swing. Now, in partnership with the McLean Rotary Club and Friends of Clemyjontri Park, MCF is making another significant contribution toward a new picnic shelter at the park to accommodate birthday parties and other group outings.

"We are excited about this new project,” Burgoyne said. "This park is so beloved, and it’s great seeing how much kids and families enjoy spending time here."

The organization’s park philanthropy is at the heart of its mission – to support valuable services that improve the quality of life for the entire community.