William Hwang.Mr. William Won Kyun Hwang has served as president of the Korean American Association of Northern Virginia since 2008. He is also president of three companies including Won Trading Int’l Inc. since 1992; Young Won Trading, Inc. since 1997 and JJW Property LLC since 2004.

Mr. Hwang’s prior community service is extensive. This includes chairing the Board of Directors for KAANV, the 14th San Francisco Korean American Olympic Washington Team in 2007, the Vocational School of KAANV, the Korean American Business Association and the Korean American Sport Association of GW.

Seoul City recognized Mr. Hwang as the honorary ambassador in 2008 as did Dan Kook University of Korea. He was the 2006 Delegate for the Washington DC and Seoul City Sisterhood. Since 2010, he has been an honorary member of Friends of Korea.

Mr. Hwang was vice president and member of the National Unification Advisory Council before becoming president of the Washington DC chapter since 2013 to the present. Since 2012 he has served as executive director of the Korean Community Center Organizing Committee.

Mr. Hwang resides in Oakton and serves on the Fairfax County Park Foundation Board.